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Antillectual unveil debut video for “Change The Standard”

Antillectual play a socially conscious, energetic blend of music. They are indeed creating their own unique blend of stolen riffs and borrowed song titles. The whole, while carrying the torch for European punkrock beyond their own country and continent!


The band has recently revealed a music video for single “Change The Standard”. The song is taken from the band’s most recent album, “Engage”. The latter is indeed out since July 2016 via Bird Attack Records.

Antillectual – “Change The Standard” (music video):

Antillectual – Change the Standard (music video)

Change the Standard – Music VideoThe Change the Standard music video series is out! A music video and 5 mini documentaries showing people around us changing the standard towards more sustainable, fair trade and organic industries and societies. The series proofs that entrepreneurs like these, many with a background in punk rock and DIY ethics, can make a change!Created by Ivana Smudja and us, featuring Tuinderij Bietenrood, fairtrademerch, Just like your mom, Nevel Artisan Ales, Velocity Fietskoeriers.

Publiée par Antillectual sur lundi 9 avril 2018

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