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As a huge fan of pop-punk, easycore and punk-rock music since forever, I started my career in 2011 by offering PR services and writing reviews & interviews for various magazines! I've continued in this direction over the years in order to help bands develop their visibility and notoriety worldwide.

VALYRIA offer a free download of “Tome of Shattered Vessels”!


VALYRIA describe their sound as “dramatic, complex, uplifting, emotional, technical”. It’s indeed something their fans will be able to hear on their recently unleashed EP “Into The Dying of Time”. The latter features such soon-to-be-classics as “Steel Inquisition”, “Tome of The Shattered Vessels”, “Of Sky and Sea”, “The Crossing” and …

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DJ, Woes’ vocalist, talks about the band’s latest EP!


Scottish pop punks WOES have been making a stir the past few months, touring with the likes of Neck Deep, Seaway and Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes. I got the chance to talk to DJ (vocalist), about the band’s latest EP “SELF HELP”! Hello DJ. Thanks so much for taking time to answer a few questions …

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Metallers KormaK release their debut album “Faerenus”!


Hailing from the south of Italy, newcomer folk metallers KormaK release their debut album “Faerenus”. The latter is indeed now out since June 29th via Rockshots Records. The album indeed delves into the concept of madness and what this is caused by. “Faerenus” is the ethereal place where the hidden …

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Hard rockers BARROS are back with “More Humanity Please…”!


Portuguese hard rockers BARROS are back with their new album “More Humanity Please…”. The latter is indeed out since June 29th via Rockshots Records. “More Humanity Please…” features 10 songs of melodic hard rock, mixed and mastered by Harem Scarem. Lyrics explore themes as diverse as “Love as a driving …

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Farnham’s Homebound reveal new single “Change of Heart”!


Farnham’s Homebound reveal new single “Change of Heart”. It’s indeed the second cut from their anticipated second EP “More to Me Than Misery”. The latter is due 17th August on Rude Records. Pre-order HERE. On this release, vocalist Charlie Boughton explains: “Change of Heart was one of the first songs …

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Four Chord Festival 5: Anti-Flag, Less Than Jake and more!

Four Chord Music

Five years ago a punk rock tradition started in Pittsburgh PA. And continues to grow stronger, and bigger every year. That tradition, The Four Chord Music Festival. Established and managed by Pittsburgh seasoned punk rocker, Rishi Bahl of the pop-punk trio Eternal Boy (formerly known as The Spacepimps). The Four …

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Healthy Junkies are back with single “No Control”!


UK punk/grunge rock band, HEALTHY JUNKIES is back with a new single and music video for “No Control”. The song is from their fourth album “Delirious Dream”, due out on October 12th via Banana Castle Records/Cargo Records UK. “No Control” indeed focuses on standing up for your rights. Not being …

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