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Valentine Klipfel

As a huge fan of pop-punk, easycore and punk-rock music since forever, I officially started my career in 2011 by offering press relations and social media services to underground bands and labels. In parallel, I also worked for other magazines and webzines, which allowed me to understand what a media wants to receive! I've finally created my own webzine in 2015. Since then, I've continued in this direction in order to help bands and labels develop their visibility and notoriety worldwide.

Belvedere are pleased to share new single “Elephant March”


Calgary, Alberta punks Belvedere are pleased to share a second single “Elephant March”, taken from their forthcoming sixth LP. “Hindsight Is The Sixth” Sense will be out on May 14th 2021. Commenting on the track, Belvedere frontman Steve Rawles says. “This was a working title for the song in it’s …

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Far’N’Hate are back with a brand new single “Change”


Rockers Far’N’Hate are back with a brand new single “Change”, featuring Mike Perez of No Bragging Rights. Explaining the nature of the track and its influences, Far’N’Hate collectively adds. “This is a message to the present and to the future. An epitaph to future generations for the mistakes they will …

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Press to MECO release their next single “Smouldering Sticks”

Press to MECO

Croydon/Crawley three-piece Press to MECO release their next single “Smouldering Sticks”, ahead of their third album “Transmute”. The latter will be out June 11th. The track follows the announcement of the album and release of opening track “Another Day”. Talking about the track, Drummer/Lyricist Lewis Williams comments. “Smouldering Sticks is …

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Artillery drop new single, “In Thrash We Trust”


On May 7th, Artillery will release their tenth full-length, “X”, via Metal Blade Records. For a first preview of the album, the new single, “In Thrash We Trust”, can be heard below. The album can also be pre-ordered HERE in the following formats: – ltd. digipak-CD (incl. 2 bonus tracks) …

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Yr Poetry announce they have signed to Alcopop! Records!

Yr Poetry

Birmingham pop punk duo Yr Poetry are pleased to announce they have signed to Alcopop! Records for the release of their latest single. New track, ‘Porthmadog, dog’, was released along with a music video available to watch below. Commenting on the track, the band said. “‘Porthmadog, dog’ is a song …

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Sailing Before The Wind are back with their new single!

Sailing Before The Wind

Sailing Before The Wind is a Japanese metalcore band formed in Tokyo in 2011, operating as a fully independent with no label and no management. The guys are back with a new single, “Cross the Ocean (Rerecorded)”, out since March 26th! This single is a re-recording of one of band’s …

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Altarage drop the second track from their upcoming album!


Enigmatic Spanish metal extremists Altarage are releasing the second track from their upcoming new offering ‘Succumb’. The album is scheduled for release on April 23rd, 2021. ‘Succumb’, in their own words, calls the doom inhabitants to reach a whole nothing. Tracklist: 1. Negative Arrival (2:03) 2. Magno Evento (3:45) 3. Maneuvre …

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Hell’s Ditch are back with their fourth single to-date!

Hell's Ditch

For those who have missed the news, UK punk rockers Hell’s Ditch are back with their fourth single to-date, “The Scrape”, out now via Krod Records. Commenting on the track, vocalist Nick Davis said. “The Scrape explores the relationship between life and work. Living, surviving, and just merely existing. In …

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Octopus Montage are back with another notable single!

Octopus Montage

Dynamic pop-punk/metalcore quartet Octopus Montage are back with another notable single, the seething “Don’t Run Your Mouth”. Providing further details about the meaning behind the single, Octopus Montage collectively adds. “Lyrically, the track is a middle finger to all the people that are solely self-centered. We all have times when …

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