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Formerly of Knoxville, Crumbsnatchers now reside in Nashville, Tennessee. Crumbsnatchers’ catchy songs echo the wit of Pixies and Talking Heads, backed by the fervent force of Beastie Boys. Their contagiously immersive music has a habit of crushing your inhibitions into a fine paste and then painting the word “PARTY” on your brain with it.

Frontman Samuel “Guetts” Guetterman (rhythm guitar, vocals) pulled the band name from an experience in 2007, when, at 16 years old, he was sentenced to a year in a faith-based juvenile detention camp, in Griffin, Georgia. While enduring widespread physical abuse and abhorrent, moldy, living conditions (due to non-existent judicial oversight), Guetterman and the other boys sang in a touring church choir as examples of “reformed” rebellious teens. ”Crumbsnatchers” was a condescending nickname the staff gave the boys when they sang. Secular music was contraband in the program, but a few months in, a fellow student smuggled in a CD player and a copy of Radiohead’s “In Rainbows,” which the boys listened to while hiding under their beds.

Crumbsnatchers began when Guetterman joined his songwriting prowess with: guitarist Philip Mosteller, bassist Sam Burchfield, and drummer Rylan Bledsoe.

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