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Born in the darkness of 1983, DRAKKAR , a Speed/Heavy Metal band must wait until 1987 to find their way and a demo tape was recorded under the artistic direction of Rudy Lenners (ex Scorpions’s Drummer). In 1988 signed a contract with NEW MUSIDISC (PARIS) and the Mythical «X-RATED» Album, also produced by Rudy Lenners, was released and  acclaimed by fans and medias.

Live performances rule their time and the band was selected as support act of bands like Queensrÿche/Metallica, and Overkill/Slayer as well during a part of their European tours.

Like many other young bands, contractuals difficulties and musical divergences drove the Band to the  split…

In 1999 Drakkar came back with a brand new EP including five tracks. It gave the band the opportunity to get back for a little revival for a year.

In the end of 2011  DRAKKAR rise again with a new line-up with 3 guitarists ! In the beginning of 2012, «X-RATED» – the mythical album from the band – was released once again with some  new features as a new mastering, a new artwork and two new tracks recorded in a studio. A new version of  «Alone»  music and video was recorded. Youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/wLe groupe DRAKKAR a été créé en 1983 mais ce n’est que deux ans plus tard que le quintet trouve un line-up stable ainsi que sa direction musicale. Durant ces deux ans, le groupe crée et évolue vers un SPEED METAL mélodique et technique, qui fera mouche de nombreuses fois lors de leurs prestations live.

Au cours de l’anatch?v=b0ntCGRIxNw

 March 2013, “Leni” ( original singer) joined DRAKKAR again.

October 2014, DRAKKAR published their brand new long-awaited album «ONCE UPON A TIME IN HELL» including 14 tracks with a new video clip for their single called «LOST»: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pRPzNV_ plg4 with the PRO PAIN dummer, «Jonas Sanders» as session drummer.

THE “ONCE UPON A TIME … IN HELL TOUR” 2014 -2016 reaches more than 80 dates across Europe, opening for TOKYO BLADE , TYSON DOG, LIZZY BORDEN or HELL, TYGERS OF PAN TANG, etc… and performed at the biggest european indoor fest PPM with AVANTASIA !

in 2015, an unplugged version of «KING OF SHADE» (from X Rated album) is recorded for a new video clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jz8e1rahbmA


In 2016, the Band brought out a LIVE album entitled  «Once Upon A Time Hellive». 3 videos, from this Live Album were posted on YouTube…

But in  the middle of April 2016, the «Drakkar Family» was knocked down : Thierry Del Cane (one of the three original members) passed away on the way back from a gig. After some weeks of reflection and in memory of our brother, the band decided to continue the adventure with the 5 remaining members.

2016, during the end of the Once upon a tour, Drakkar work on the final touch for their brand new upcoming album.

The recording time is on the rails but for this DRAKKAR need to find a new drummer ( Jonas Sander accept a full time job with PRO PAIN) and the band normaly chose ADRIEN , son of the original drummer Tim Delvall . TYTUS also leave the band preferring a sound engineer job.. HUMUNGUS join us on the bass before the sessions

Some months later , DIABOLICAL EMPATHY was born !

13 tracks , everyone linked to an extraordinary destiny, from Annie Palmer to Jeffrey Dahmer or linked to some amazing works of art as La Pieta ( Michelo Angelo) or The sacrifice of Isaac ( Teppiolo).

It’s time for everyone of you to enter inside the mistery…..

Discography :

Once Upon A Time… In Hell! – Oct 03 2014
X-Rated Reloaded – Jan 21 2012
When Music Become Magic – May 01 1999
X-Rated – Jan 01 1988

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