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Pierre-Brice – Lead Singer, Guitar
Robin – Bass, back vocals
Nico – Drums
Simon – Guitar, back vocals


Furiapolis is an alternative rock band from Marseille, formed in 2009. With a sharp and percussive style, Furiapolis wants to be anchored in a modern artistic approach to rock by bringing a Frenchy touch to their big, powerful and melodic American riffs. Their inspirations come from bands like Nickelback, the Foofighters or Blink182 but impose their own style by signing some of their lyrics in French.

Sometimes engaged, sometimes sentimental, the universe of Furiapolis refers to a wide range of emotions that will speak to the majority of you.

What is Project Goddesses?

It‘s been almost ten years that Furiapolis has been doing real Rock singing in English and we realized that it wasn’t us!

We needed to sing in our native language to get our messages across! Especially if they are understood during our concerts!!

The lyrics of our songs speak about the environment, love between people, life! These are important messages! and it has no interest in expressing yourself if you can’t understand us! (yes, in France we’re last but not least in terms of English proficiency…)

Let’s be more real!!

Moreover, French rock is really lagging behind, no Rock band singing in French succeeds in overcoming the boundaries of amateurism or even the doors of production companies! We are convinced that we (the bands in general) have a know-how “Made in France” in Rock as well as French electro which is exported all over the world.

So it is by betting on projects like ours that you will help us to restore the French Rock‘s reputation!!

So fire, with this project Furiapolis launches itself in the realization of an album with 80% of songs sung in French and the Rock for God’s sake of the real thing!!

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