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Steo Zapp: Vocals
CC Muz: Guitar
Piero “Duracell” Grassilli: Bass
Roby Vitari: Drums

The story has begun in the 80’s in Turin (Italy).
It started with a release on an italian album of various artists, and after many (painful) changes in the line-up, Jester Beast recorded the demo-tape
“Destroy after use”. This release, was so well liked, even beyond national borders, that Nuclear Blast Records put three of these tracks on their “Pleasures in Life” compilation album (1989).
The band brought its aggressive sound on stage alongside Cro-Mags, Coroner, Morbid Angel, Ludichrist, Victim’s Family, as well as being involved in the influential, hard-core Italian scene of the late 80’s.
In 1991, the debut LP “Poetical Freakscream” (GLC Records/Rough Trade) came out, and soon after, the band went on a European tour for one month, with The Accused.
In 1993, Jester Beast released “Serial Killer” EP and even if the songs for the second full-length was almost ready, the band, due to internal controversies, split up.
2010 was the return … with still a lot to say and a great urge to play …
F.O.A.D. Records reissued “Destroy after use” on cobalt vinyl and between 2010 and 2011, the band hit the stage with E-Force (ex Voivod), Wehrmacht, Cripple Bastards and The Accused.
New release “The Infinite Jest” out on April 1st via Zapping Productions


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