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Khiral’s story began in the fall 2008 from a three-member rock band called Ivana Red, manned by Pete Raatikainen in drums, Joni Öhman in bass and Mari Sevonen doing the vocals. Guitarist’s post was fulfilled by Matti Hämäläinen in the end of 2008.
The band was making songs and inventing itself for the spring 2009. Joni, Pete and Matti were driving the band in a metal-style direction, whereas Mari preferred a more melodic approach. In the fall 2009 Mari decided it was time to move on. Joni, Pete and Matti abandoned the name Ivana Red and nearly all of the old material, and practically started a new metal band called Khiral. As a heritage from Ivana Red the guys kept on mixing different styles and letting the music define their genre. Teemu Tyyskä joined the band as the second guitarist.
For the position of the lead singer, several candidates came and went, until the fall 2010 when the quartet found their low-growling lady Tiina Honkanen-Gustafsson. In the spring 2011 Teemu left the band and was replaced by Arto Rikkonen later the same year. The slow-cooked stew was ready enough for Khiral to do their first gig in spring 2012 at Club Darkside in Helsinki.
Tiina decided to step down from her post at the end of 2012, and Arto did the same shortly after. Some years went by in a relative silence. The rest of the guys were doing other projects, but at the same time still looking for a new vocalist and keeping up the fire. Then in the spring 2016 Tuomo Vänskä took up the microphone, and the story was finally ready to continue. Additional backup was received from Jouni Tuovinen who was recruited as the second guitarist. Khiral published their first two singles Orphanage and UltravioleNt in the summer 2016.
After the singles were recorded and published, Pete decided to withdraw from his throne, but continued as a live drummer for four gigs in the turn of 2016/2017. After a long search Markus Lehto was found to fulfill the drummer’s position, which allowed the band to continue full steam once again, doing live shows and to finally start recording their first longer release, which will be released by Inverse Records in January 12th 2018.

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