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Meat Jelly has been around since late 2017 and plays a unique blend of punk, emo, and blues rock. In our first year and a half of being active we have recorded a debut EP, gone on numerous weekenders, and gone on a two week tour of the midwest. We have taken the DIY spirit to heart through all of this, meeting countless amazing bands and people along the way. It’s so cool to be able to do what we love, we just wish we could play shows all the time! College and work tend to complicate things, but despite that, we have been busy working on a debut full length. In preparation, we’ve decided to do a dual sided 7” vinyl single release for the first two tracks from our recent sessions.

On March 15, “Harvesting Season/Chuck Downfield” went live on all streaming platforms. Each will be accompanied by a video, and we are reaching out in hopes of having some sort of review/press done. Harvesting Season is a twinkly emo styled track with some strong guitar leads. Chuck Downfield is a straight up punk banger with a heavy breakdown section. The two tracks could not be more different, but we feel they do well to represent the diversity of Meat Jelly’s sound.

On our Spotify you can find our debut EP that was comprised of material we wrote and recorded in our first six months. It’s all over the place stylistically but still worth a listen. Our bandcamp has some mixtape styled live releases.

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