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Daniel Lucas (Vocals)
Luís Fazendeiro (Guitars & Synths)
António Durães (Bass)
Gonçalo Sousa (Guitars)
Filipe Ferreira (Live Drums)


Formed by Daniel Lucas (vocals) and Luis Fazendeiro (guitars) in the small town of Tortosendo, Portugal, in 2001, Painted Black is a band which music, although clearly rooted in Metal and with influences in the Doom/Death Metal scene, isn’t pigeonholed in a single genre.

The band’s distinct sound is built on aggression and occasional fast pieces mixed with atmospheric and melancholic sections. “Energy” and “melancholy” are words often used to describe Painted Black’s music, often amplified by the intense and emotional live performances.

The release history of the band started in 2005 with the demo/EP “The Neverlight”, followed two years later by another demo/EP: “Verbo” After being hailed as the “Best Portuguese Unsigned Band” by Portugal’s lead metal magazine LOUD! in three consecutive years (2007, 2008 and 2009), Painted Black released its debut full-album, “Cold Comfort” in 2010 through the indie Portuguese label Ethereal Sound Works. The record was considered “Best Portuguese Metal Album” in that same year in LOUD!’s Readers Poll and made it to plenty Albums of the Year lists of several other media outlets.

In 2014 the band released a more Rock oriented digital EP, titled “Quarto Vazio” and, after some live promotion in Portugal and in the UK, playing along side international acts like Primordial, Mourning Beloveth, Heavenwood and Antimatter, the project is now ready to release its second full-lenght album, “Raging Light”.

The new effort showcases a more confident and mature band, stripping down the more obvious Doom Metal influences of the early years and injecting more progressive and post-rock elements to its sound, still keepi

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