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Originally formed as the solo project of David Gillespie, Polterguise emerged onto the scene in their current guise with the release of singles “Ectogasm” and “Ethereale” in 2019.

Touching on the ghost-hunting inspiration behind the group’s name (Poltergeist + disguise), both “Ectogasm” and “Ethereale” showcase an ambitious and progressive brand of post-hardcore, with the intertwining of glistening pop and tenacious breakdowns.

Having captured the attention of the newly formed Theoria Records, with just two singles in the book, Polterguise have teamed with Andrew Bayliss (Picturesque, VRSTY, Sleeping With Sirens) on upcoming EP, ‘Vantablack’, set for release on August 13th, 2021.

New single “Swordswallower” emerges as a fitting precursor of what is to come from the KY outfit; intricate riffs, soaring melodies and deft, heavy progressions color the new single.

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