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Ruled By Raptors

Ruled By Raptors

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United Kingdom

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South East Northumberland

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Biography :

Bursting onto the scene at the end of 2018, Ruled By Raptors follows in the footsteps of acts such as Biffy Clyro, Reuben (Jamie Lenman) and Million Dead (Frank Turner), boldly mashing gritty, intricate, heavy-laden rock with soaring choruses that keep one ear firmly on the melody. Rising from the ashes of past successes and failures, a story recognised by most musicians up and down the country, Ruled By Raptors continues to push the boundaries of each member’s previous associations, and evolving from the foursome’s previous 2 years together in now defunct Post Hardcore outfit ‘Digits’.
“We probably should have drawn a line with Digits when the band split in 2015, however Will & Nick had already joined and work had already begun on a third EP” vocalist Chris Bradley explains. This EP would go on to form the basis of Ruled By Raptors’ forthcoming self-titled debut EP, due out in April 2019 via Scattered Records. Bradley continues “Things stuttered along the following year, we played our last show as Craig left. However a few months later Matt got in touch and we just picked up where Digits left off. I guess our intention was always to end up where we are now, but we just never really discussed it at length. By the time we sat down to record the EP which has a couple of unreleased Digits tracks, we realised the sound of it had developed into a different direction than either of Digits’ previous CDs and perhaps it was time to recognise that we are a different band.”
The move has already proven to be a popular one for the band, finding themselves less restricted creatively by what came before, with writing for the follow up EP already well underway. “I guess we’ve been working so hard previously to try to fill the shoes of the other guys so much, that we didn’t really see the forest for the trees. Now we’re able to sculpt our own sound, using these 4 songs as the framework for the new stuff we’re working on.”
Ruled By Raptors are due to go out on a 12 date UK tour in spring 2019 with MC Lars, Mega Ran & Koo Koo Kanga Roo as part of MC Lars’ This Gigantic Robot Kills 10 Year Anniversary Tour.

Discography :

Time – Single – March 29th 2019
Braggart – Single – May 31st 2019
Ouroboros – EP – June 7th 2019

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