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[SPIN] is a 6 childhood friend’s band, working on music projects for more than 10 years. However, it’s just from 2017 that these friends will create [SPIN]. At this moment, the way is clear, creating music that could share their feelings to anyone who want to hear them.

Those 6 musicians are ; Thomas/Thomu (Voice), Antoine/Mazout (Guitar), Eddy/Didoune (Guitar, Voice), Dimitri/Dimouth (Drums), Yannick/Yayou (Synthesizer, Sample, Voice) et Florent/Floutch (Bass)

It’s really hard for them to find the music style that they are making… From Metalcore to Djent, also some Progressive metal and maybe, any other crazy style like Waltz. They are taking their inspiration from bands like Meshuggah, Lamb of God, Theirs Dogs Were Astronaut, As They Burn …
That’s why they are allowing to the public the definition of that… thing, especially, with their EP [OUTLINE] which is available on almost all the musics plateforms.

Discography :

Outline (EP) 13/11/2020

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