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« Irish rockers THE MERCURIAN released their debut EP titled: ‘L.M.O.’, which stands for Let Me Out, a line from the chorus in one of the songs from EP.
The uptempo track one, titled ‘Black Mark’, shows masterful delivery of the high level musicians in the band. It has a Southern blues hint and funk underlining, tongue and cheek attitude and wouldn’t be out of place as a theme in one of Tarantino’s movies. A great pick-me-up number!
It’s followed by track two, titled ‘Straight Jacket’ – a heart-felt ballad about digging in the dark corners while on a self journey. The arrangement is well thought out with all instruments complementing each other, led to the atmospheric and poignant ‘Let Me Out’ chorus phrase.
EP concludes with ‘Commit Your Sins’ track, solid number that fans of Red Hot Chili Peppers would be at home with. It reminds you of ‘Californication’ album but brings something new with wonderful and strange lyrics of obsession and unrequited love.
L.M.O. is a powerful statement from a solid band which makes you look forward to future deliveries of these 4 guys from Dublin. EP is available worldwide…
The Mercurian style has a predominantly rock foundation and can be attributed to ‘US commercial rock’ with open choruses, catchy melodies and a gritty bluesy guitar sound. In studio, the band is well-managed capturing delicate and very moving moments and live, The Mercurian becomes a real powerhouse of deliverance with their songs remaining in the psyche long after they have left the stage… » J.C Team
EP links: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/l-m-o-single/1437006248

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