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Things That Need To Be Fixed

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Things That Need To Be Fixed (TTNTBF) is a five-piece from Munich/Germany. They mix pop-punk, metalcore and rap elements. Their debut-album “NEVEREST” is the amalgamation of those musical styles. As aerosmith once did with run-dmc or public enemy with anthrax TTNTBF combine rap and rock and set their own tone with modern metalcore elements. The bands spectrum also encompasses POP-ballads.

The pop-punk vibe is definitely there in the riffs, clean vocals and fast beats. The breakdowns sound bouncy, crunchy and dissonant at times. The choruses are catchy and stay with you right away. Allthough they don’t take themselves too seriously as can be seen in their photos and heard in their lyrics, they always work in harmony and spend every free minute to achieve their next goals.

Discography :

Places (2015)
Spaceships & Dinosaurs (2016)
Neverest (2019) – TBA

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