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Truth & Tragedy

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Truth & Tragedy is the hardcore duo your mothers, teachers and priests warned you about. Whether you have a reason to rage or you’re in the market for another, T&T have plenty to go around: if it’s Freddy’s heavy riffs and unforgiving breakdowns you’re after, or Aaron’s coarse screams and predilection for guns, violence and outlaws, you might want to lend an ear. Formed in Bamberg, Germany in 2020, the US/German duo are the lovechild of lockdown boredom and a predisposition for being loud.

Although a far cry from his classical guitar and jazz scores, Frederik “Shred it Fred” Stauss lets loose with his head-banging, concussion-inducing riffs, monstrously tantalizing breakdowns, and dizzying guitar solos that are sure to get your hackles up.

For screams that have neighbours unsure of whether to call the police or an exorcist, and lyrics that pull on old country outlaw ballads, gunslinger anthems, and his own experiences as a soldier in Afghanistan, Aaron “The Amazin’” Bazen takes you with him on the adventures, traumas, victories and ghosts which are at the heart of the duo’s music.

At times nihilistic, occasionally vengeful and always emotionally raw, Truth & Tragedy is exploding onto the hardcore scene, bringing a little darkness and a little light, and a whole lot of noise.

Find T&T music, videos, merch and a lot more than you bargained for on truthandtragedy.com.

Discography :

‘Thanks For Nothing’ EP (2020):
– “The Depths”
– “Dear Irony”
– “Cope”

“Helmand” Single (2020)

‘Innocence Abandoned’ debut album: to be released (01.06.2021)

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