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Elmeri Kinnunen – Guitar & Vocals
Mikko Kähkönen – Guitar
Heikki Polvinen – Keyboards
Jaakko Juntunen – Drums



Vinide was formed back in 2003 by five high school students who shared the same interest in playing heavy metal music. In the beginning, the sound was more light than nowadays. Throughout some self-released singles and EP’s band decided to make their first full album which was released on 2007. After that, the band took part in The best band of Kainuu -the contest in spring 2008 and won that. In the summer Vinide released The Puzzle Ep and had a few gigs. It was the time when all the members went to study their own things all over Finland.

Almost two years of silence in January 2010 the band released a single called Into The Waters and turned their musical style heavier and added some classical instruments on the arrangements. The time came for the first lineup change. Mikko Kähkönen joined the band as a guitarist and a songwriter. The new era had begun.

The band started to plan their second full album. In the search of the new sound, the band made EP called Endless Debate released in 2012. Symphonic elements started to take part more and more during the production of the album. It was a very long way through recording and producing the album all the way in to form that it is today. The album “Odes For Thoughts” was released in December 2014.

The composing of the Third album begun in spring 2015 when Elmeri Kinnunen (Vocals&guitars) came up with an idea of science fiction story. Very quickly the band was handling their first concept album. After a very fast process of composing the recordings of the album begun in December 2015. In the end of the year bassist, Ville-Veikko Vähäkuopus told us that he doesn’t want to continue in the band because he had completely lost his motivation. After all the work stretch 1,5 year long and during the time the band tighten up into a four-member group and decided to continue without a bassist. The recording itself happened in a schedule formed by the band itself and was really easy going but still very determined.

Now, November 2017, the band is seeking opportunities out from the world with their forthcoming album ”Reveal”.

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