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Bare Teeth have revealed a video report of their latest tour!

Bare Teeth

French punks Bare Teeth have revealed a video report of their tour across Taiwan and Japan. The video is available to watch below for those who might have missed it!

On this tour, Bare Teeth comments: “This tour across Taiwan and Japan was incredible and we feel blessed to have these opportunities. We feel even more blessed to have such a dedicated team and such true fans.

Taiwan was a huge surprise as we’ve never been there before and we’ve discovered an incredible country and subculture at Punk strike festival. As usual, Japan was a blast and meeting so many good bands and fans was amazing. We will be back as soon as possible!!

Bare Teeth 2019 Asia tour report, part 3

Our Asia tour leads us to Japan with awesome bands, new and old friends. Japan, you are incredible and we can't thank you enough. Let's rock together !!!

Publiée par Bare Teeth sur Lundi 17 juin 2019

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