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Broken Empire talk about their upcoming third EP, “Parasite”!

UK metallers Broken Empire plan on releasing their third EP, “Parasite”, on November 22nd. Learn more about this upcoming release in our interview! There also might be an exclusive for you, Distrolution readers. So make sure you read until the end! 😉

Broken Empire

Hello, Broken Empire! Thanks for taking time to answer a couple of questions for us. Would you mind introducing your band to our readers?

Hey Valentine and all you lovely Distrolution readers. We are Broken Empire, a four piece Hard Rock/Metal band from the South of the UK made up of Ieuan Owen (vocals), Matt Stevens (guitar), Ricky Hill (drums) and Marco Arena (bass). We formed back in 2017 through the magic of the web and a mutual love for bands such as Alter Bridge and Five Finger Death Punch. Based in Oxford we started off as just a 3 piece instrumental project made up of former members of previous Oxford based Rock & Metal bands (and an Italian)!  Quickly realising the music being made was too good to just sit on, we set about recruiting Lead Singer and Rhythm Guitarist Ieuan to complete the ensemble and to get our music out there.

How would you describe the UK hard rock / metal scene?

Ricky Hill –I’ve found from playing in a few different cities now, that you really have to know where to look for it as I think it has died out in some smaller areas. The big cities like London, Birmingham, Bristol etc is still booming as long as you know where to look. I think as a whole, live music isn’t as big as it used to be. Especially for smaller upcoming bands regardless of genre. People just don’t seem to want to spend money on smaller venues anymore. And with a lot of the smaller venues closing down, it makes it even harder!

Matt Stevens – The UK is still a major world force where hard rock and metal are concerned. We’re not going to lie, the local scene is a difficult place for a number of reasons. But it is undeniable that hard rock and metal will always have a place to crash in the proverbial home of the UK house party.”

Ieuan Owen – There are plenty of bands knocking around with a big sound and strong stage presence, who said rock music was dead? Rubbish!”

Your third EP “Parasite” will be out on November 22nd. Would you mind introducing this upcoming release to our readers?

MS –Parasite is a much more mature record for us. It introduces some key themes that haven’t been touched on in our first two records and ones that will appear more going forward in our debut album. There are some pop elements, some major hard-hitting riffs. And some softer melodic elements that make it a smoother ride than Fractures.”

IO –Parasite is our third EP and one where we’ve really come to terms with who we are as a band. We’ve gone both heavier and lighter in parts, encompassing everything we’ve learned from the previous 2 EP’s. And we’re really proud of not only how good it sounds (as we did everything ourselves). But also how strong we feel the songs are. These are definitely our strongest and hardest hitting songs to date, both lyrically and sonically”.

RH –3 of the songs on there are completely new and very much shaped from our own sound now as a band. One that we’ve been crafting over the past 2 years. Although one of the songs on there (Defcon 1) has been written for a while now and gets played live now and then. But it’s very different to our other stuff and we felt it sits really well on this EP. Almost the one song on there to give the EP balance and I feel it does that perfectly!”

Marco Arena – The title track is probably the one that reflects not only the spirit of the EP but also the spirit of Broken Empire. It’s kind of a signature song for us. A catchy opening riff, tight verse, opened and airy chorus and an explosive breakdown! I can say the same for Time Is Running Out as well!

If you had to pick one song that, according to you, best reflects the spirit of this EP… Which one would it be and why?

RH –If I had to pick one song off of this EP that reflects us as a band it would definitely be Parasite. For me, it’s the strongest song on there. It reflects our sound really well and how we want to push forward with writing and the feel of our songs. It’s also the one song that when played live gets commented on the most. People always want to know “where can I get this song” etc and that’s a great feeling. So we are very pleased to be able to share it with everyone on this EP as well as the other 3 songs!

IO –I’d say the title track best encompasses the sound of Broken Empire now. Parasite is very riff-driven, heavy at times, but has still got those melodic hooks. Lyrically it’s about depression, and feeling like no one can understand the lack of feeling. And how day by day you can feel like you have to lie about how you are whilst its eating away at you. It’s definitely something relatable.”

MS –The title track Parasite embodies the spirit of the EP; with a lyrically aggressive theme that people can read into and apply to anything they feel strongly about. Whether it’s the environment, the mind, society or politics. We want people to know that feeling strongly about something is not a bad thing. F#*k what everyone else thinks of you, it’s your mind and your thoughts and your actions.

How long have you worked on this release?

MS – This record has been coming for about 6 months now. We got cracking soon after gigging Fractures heavily for the first part of 2019. But we’ve taken our time to find a sound we liked and really worked on the feel of the songs.

RH –We started work on it pretty much as soon as we’d finished our second EP Fractures. We know that keeping things fresh with new music is very important and we had these new songs that were being written that we really wanted to share with everyone. So we can show how much our sound is becoming something of our own. And that when you hear these songs you know that you’re listening to Broken Empire!

MA –This new EP is the final result of months and months of hard work. We constantly work regardless of the EPs, but EPs are the natural development of our creativity.”

IO –In terms of the songs, Defcon 1 was one of the first songs we ever wrote, the others have come together in bits over time. When it comes to the recording, mixing and mastering – probably around 3 months or so. Of course doing it all ourselves, we have to fit it around our day jobs, practices and gigs, so it’s never an easy task!

Broken Empire

Do you currently have any other projects in the making?

MS –Here’s an exclusive for you! We will be releasing a rocked up cover of a quality tune early next year, which we are also hoping to have some guest vocals on (I can’t say any more than that right now!). Who knows, maybe the guys behind the Pop Goes Punk records will like it and want it on one of their releases!? After that, we will be steaming ahead on our debut album, which we hope will have a 2020 release.

RH –The next thing on our list is to definitely keep giving our fans new music, whether that is another EP or hopefully an album for next year. I’m sure now that we have finished this current EP, we’ll start working on the next thing for you guys and I can’t wait!!

IO – We are always writing and have a few new songs in the works. And hopefully after the EP launch, we can start getting to work on our next venture, be it another EP or a debut album!”

MA –At the moment in the pipe line, we have the EP launch gig which is going to be in Banbury. Then, we will get things kicked off on our next release. We also plan to film a kick ass music video in the next few months, so that will be a lot of fun!

The last words are for you. If you have a message to convey, here’s your chance!

RH –I hope everyone enjoys this new release from us and be sure to keep your eyes and ears peeled for what’s to come next! Also, keep supporting live and local music. ROCK N ROLL!!

IO –Support your local bands, go to shows, buy merch, CD’s, etc. Every band started as a local band at one stage, so let’s set up the new generation of bands coming through!

MS –We’re all making history, so let’s goddamn enjoy it whilst we’re making it!

MA –I’d just like to thank everyone that has supported us over the past couple of years, without our fans this would all be a lot less rewarding! I really hope you all enjoy the new EP, and please keep supporting Broken Empire!

Thanks for your time!

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