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BullRun talk about recently released video for “Fire and Hate”

French metallers BullRun have recently dropped their single “Fire and Hate”, along with a music video. The song is taken from the band’s new EP, “Wilderness”. The guys were kind enough to take a few minutes to answer a couple of questions for us. Check out the full interview below!

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Hello BullRun, thanks for your time. Would it be possible to introduce your band to our readers, as well as your roles in it?

Thank you for having us on Distrolution! We are BullRun, a French Heavy Metal band formed in 2011 by vocalist-bassist Rémy Gohard, guitarist Gaël Berton and drummer Mark Dezafit. We started as a Southern Rock band, but through over the years we became what you can hear today. We are really influenced by Metallica, Motörhead or Iron Maiden, mostly the ones we grew up with. We take a lot a pleasure to assume those influences and to put them into our music. I think you can define BullRun as an Old School Heavy Metal band came straight out from 90’s, but with big and fat modern way to sound.

With a worldwide pandemic going on, how have you handled the management of your band over the past few months?  

With many, many questions, of course. This year we faced an unseen situation and I don’t think any band will escape unhurt. There were two options: We could take a break, waiting for the pandemic to calm down or trying as best we could. Luckily for us “Wilderness” was already recorded and mastered so we’ve talked about it and decided to go on. We didn’t want to wait an entire year before releasing our EP, it would be too frustrating. In my opinion, there is always a solution, music will survive one way or another. Furthermore, this pandemic is the occasion for the band to write other songs. It’s really inspiring to see how things can change so fast.

You’ve recently released your single, titled “Fire and Hate”. What’s the story behind this song?

Well, it’s a funny story. “Fire and hate” is the first song I wrote for this EP and I think it gave its color for the entire CD. It’s a song about devouring passions and consuming ambition. About the way you can be so into music or something else that nothing more is important for you. It’s about dedicating your life to art, to your passion and of course to pay the consequences.

BUT. When Julien Metternich was writing a story for the “Fire and Hate” video, he asked me to read the lyrics. And after that, he called me to tell: “Dude, it’s a couple argue, a real couple fight. This is what I want to film”. Then I realized you could also understand this song like this. Two people devoured by passion and love. By fire and hate. So, I guess there is one song, but many stories behind.

“Fire and Hate” was released along with a music video. How was the shooting experience?

Very intense. It’s 14 hours of non-stop shooting scenes in full summer. Hopefully, the team, the actors and the movie director were all great! We also had a thunderstorm by night, you can see two real lightnings on the music video by the way. It’s a really stressful experience too, because you can’t screw up with this type of filming.

We’ve got a very tiny window to shoot everything, and if something doesn’t work well you can’t go back tomorrow morning to try again. But everything went just fine and we are so proud of the result. To see all those explosions and gunfight is definitely the best experience of my life ever. We are so lucky to have worked with this wonderful team.

This song is taken from your new EP, “Wilderness”. How long have you worked on it?

We started to write “Wilderness” in Winter 2018 and to record it in March 2019. After our last EP “Dark Amber” I wanted to write something else, something more personal but also heavier. We’ve recorded 6 songs as a demo before submitting them to Symheris and Jelly Cardarelli, our recorders and coaches since last EP. And they told us to “JUMP”, for them we were writing very interesting new songs and they wanted to work with us again. We weren’t writing a “Dark Amber” 2.0 and our music were evolving into something else, it was time to put it into a record. In November 2019, the record was done.

Can we talk about the process of creating the artwork of your EP and the overall idea behind this visual?

We worked with Sébatien Pinel aka Slo. We gave him the lyrics just like we did with Dark Amber, with just some links. We wanted a train going lonely through the unknown. The lyrics talk about loneliness and redemption. I hope you like it. We let people get through us something.

BullRun - Artwork

I’m sure you are, like a lot of people, missing live shows. Do you already have some dates planned for 2021?

Waiting as all the bands! I only figured out to see the world without music, without concert… But we will survive, other bands will survive. With other songs, other ways to make us feel the music.

The last words are for you. If you have a message to convey, here’s your chance!

Making music is really complicated, and a lot of local bands are discouraged by failure, stagnation, or lack of funds. But we must absolutely continue, face it. We don’t know what the entertainment world will look like after this pandemic. But what is certain is BullRun will always be there.

Thanks for your time!

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