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Interview with the Canadians of Blight

Hello, I would thank you for taking time to answer few questions for Distrolution. Would you please introduce yourself and your band to our readers? Greetings to you, my name is G. McCaughry, vocalist and lyricist for BLIGHT. Since roughly 1999, I have also been part of many Metal bands …

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Introducing the French hardcore band Resolve!


Resolve consists of Aurélien, Nathan, Robin and Anthony, backed by their previous band experience and coming together with strong determination (as their band name suggests). I got the chance to talk to the guys about their band experience, as well as their single ‘Navel-Gazing‘! Hey Resolve. Thank you so much for …

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Meet the Shanghai-based punks Round Eye

Round Eye

It’s not the first time we have an interview with a China-based band at Distrolution. Round Eye is from Shanghai but they differ from other bands as they are all foreigners who formed a band in Shanghai. They have a lot of influences, from punk to free-jazz. Let’s dive into …

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Meet the melodic death metallers Bloodshot Dawn!

Bloodshot Dawn

Another day, another interview! I’m really happy to announce that I got the chance to talk to the UK death metallers Bloodshot Dawn. Learn more about the band’s album ‘Reanimation‘, out since January 12th 2018! Picture: Zelenŷ Caj Hello Bloodshot Dawn, how are you all doing? Thanks for taking time to answer a …

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Get to know the death metal quintet Infected Dead!

Infected Dead

Infected Dead are a ferocious modern death metal 5-piece from the rotten shores of the River Medway in Kent. I got the chance to exchange with the band to talk about their debut EP ‘Archaic Malevolence‘, as well as their upcoming shows! Thanks for your time guys! Hello Infected Dead, …

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