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Meet the french pop punkers Gloomy Glimmers!

Gloomy Glimmers

Although the pop-punk scene still has some progress to make, especially in France, there are many bands that are worth being known! Today, I’m introducing you to the French pop punkers Gloomy Glimmers. We spent a few minutes to talk about the bands upcoming projects for 2018! Hello Gloomy Glimmers! …

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Introducing the French pop punk band Waykopp!

This week, I’m introducing you to the French pop punk band Waykopp. Learn more about their tour in Canada, as well as their projects for 2018, in the following interview! Hello Jonathan. Thank you so much for your time! Could you please introduce yourself, as well as your band ‘Waykopp’ …

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Meet the Shanghai-based punks Round Eye

Round Eye

It’s not the first time we have an interview with a China-based band at Distrolution. Round Eye is from Shanghai but they differ from other bands as they are all foreigners who formed a band in Shanghai. They have a lot of influences, from punk to free-jazz. Let’s dive into …

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Introducing the pop-punk outfit The Rocket

The Rocket

I got the chance to talk to Frederik, from the pop-punk outfit The Rocket, to talk about the band, as well as their new single ‘Chain Reaction‘! Learn more about the band’s forthcoming projects below! Hi Fred. Thanks for taking time to answer a few questions for Distrolution! Could you please …

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Talk Show Host has much to say. Have a seat !

Talk Show Host, by Harley Haskett

Talk Show Host is an indie punk trio from Toronto, Canada, claiming influences from Against Me!, Bob Mould or Weezer. Being together since 2015, they could still be considered as newcomers but with 3 EPs under their belt, no need to say that Talk Show Host is pretty active. We …

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No Quarter and its long journey to Freedom

No Quarter

No Quarter, maybe some older skatepunk veterans have heard about this band from Australia back in the days, but their situation is now pretty common with punk/rockers in their thirties. When it comes to jobs, families and kids, bands are sometimes taking a backseat. Then, once kids have grown up …

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