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“When words ain’t enough”, new Ignore The Sign video

Ignore the Sign, When Words ain't Enough

The word that the “Rock City” Hanover is richer by a musical attraction has gotten around in the meantime: Ignore The Sign, the band around singer, composer and multi-instrumentalist Ossy Pfeiffer, has released their new single and video “When Words Ain’t Enough”. The song is a foretaste of SPV / …

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Verikalpa released their first music video “Tyrmä”


Finnish troll/folk metal band Verikalpa have just released their fist music video, ‘Tyrmä’. The track is taken from their upcoming debut album ‘Taistelutahto’ which will be released on February 16th 2018 by Inverse Records. Keyboard player Jussi Sauvola comments: “Verikalpa proudly presents one of the faster songs from the Taistelutahto …

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The Amsterdam Red Light District reveal “Need”


The Amsterdam Red Light District is back with a brand new single “Need“, along with a music video. The latter was indeed directed by my friend Leo Pia, which makes it even better! “Need” is indeed taken from the band’s forthcoming album. The latter is set to be released on …

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Venom about to release “100 miles to hell” EP

Venom, 100 Miles from Hell

VENOM – the legendary, hugely influential British heavy metal trio notorious for causing outrage and panic, and moulding the history of darker music – will have a new, three-track EP called 100 Miles To Hell released through Spinefarm Records on December 22nd. Available initially on a D2C basis, 100 Miles …

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Death metal band Svarthart is working on a new album


We’re happy to announce that Svarthart, the Belgian doom, death metal band, is currently working on a new album! Yes, you heard me correctly, we can expect a new album for 2018. Awesome, isn’t it? The band’s debut full-length “Emptiness Filling The Void” was originally released in digital format back …

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Ü Blue (experimental/math-rock) new EP “RED”

Ü Blue has dropped their sophomore EP “RED“, follow-up to their 2016 record “Vishuddha”. “RED” delivers a vastly different, brilliant side of Ü Blue. It features explosive tracks such as “Jeice the Space Australien”, and “Charleston (with the moves)”, to then show you a poppy-esque vibe with “Backseat Bingo”. RED …

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British post hardcore band Winchester drops debut single


Winchester are a new British three piece that drags high octane prog, metal and hardcore screaming into the popular arena. Their emotional riff-laden assault course crashes and flows through cinematic soundscapes with no room for boundaries. Drawing from the intense social climate of today, Winchester have nurtured a sound and …

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Brand new music video from Dirty Machine!

Dirty Machine

Alternative metal outfit Dirty Machine from Los Angeles, California, drop a wildly entertaining music video for the track “Built”. The latter was indeed directed by Ron Thunderwood from 9Electric. He already produced other music videos for Hollywood Undead, Combi Christ and Stitched up Heart. In addition, Dirty Machine also announce …

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King Witch – New Song & Video “Beneath the Waves”

King Witch releases a new song entitled “Beneath the Waves” whos is taken from their next album “Under The Mountain”.  Therefore,  Listenable records will release “Under the Mountain” on February 9,2018.   The Vocalist, Laura Donnelly, explains : “We recently did a brief track-by-track guide of our debut album “Under …

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