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Ska punks Abraskadabra unveil “The Dream” video


Abraskadabra is a seven-piece band from Curitiba, Brazil. Their influences are indeed diverse, intercalating mainly melodic hardcore and third wave ska. The band just unveiled a music video for the song “The Dream”. The track is indeed from the band’s new album “Welcome”, out next month.

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Forever Unclean unveil a video for “Waves”!

Forever Unclean

Danish indie punkers Forever Unclean release an animated music video for their song ‘Waves’. The latter is indeed off their EP ‘Float‘, out since 2017! The band’s EP ‘Float‘ is also available via Disconnect Disconnect Records, Make That A Take and 5 Feet Under.

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Kobra and the Lotus unveil album “Prevail II” details

Kobra and the Lotus kept their word and will soon deliver the second part of their opus magnum one year after the successful release of rock juggernaut “Prevail I” with “Prevail II“. “Prevail II” is the proverbial yang to the yin and continues right where Kobra and the Lotus left …

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Patient Sixty-Seven drop new single ‘Before You Go’

Patient Sixty-Seven

Perth metalcore act Patient Sixty-Seven have dropped their highly anticipated new single Before You Go. This song stands as the lead track from their newly announced EP Four Walls (to be released March 2), as the band branches out into new territory with the unveiling of their first musical effort since mid-2016. …

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Beyond the Styx unveil ‘Danse Macabre’ music video!

Beyond the Styx

Offering an original metal, hardcore sound, Beyond the Styx experience a crossover musical production because of its diverse influences. The band recently dropped a music video for single ‘Danse Macabre’, that you can indeed watch below! The band is also happy to announce that its upcoming album will be out on …

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Hautajaisyö released new album “Matkalla Kohti Hautaa”

The second album ‘Matkalla Kohti Hautaa’ by Finnish band Hautajaisyö have been release the February 2d, via Inverse Records. The Finnish messenger of melancholy and death Hautajaisyö (Funeral Night) was formed in 2014. They play melodic death metal and melancholy thrash metal. Their music is full of great riffs, heavy drumming and …

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Professor and the Madman unveil new song ‘Nightmare’


Southern California’s Professor and the Madman are about to drop their new album on February 23, 2018! The band indeed consists of co-frontmen / songwriters Alfie Agnew and Sean Elliott. But also the legendary rhythm section of drummer Rat Scabies and bassist Paul Gray. The band’s new album, Disintegrate Me, will indeed …

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German punkers Arterials unveil ‘Roll Over, Play Dead’


German punkers Arterials unveil ‘Roll Over, Play Dead‘, from their upcoming album ‘Constructive Summer‘. The latter will soon be out via Gunner Records. The video was shot by filmmaker and drummer Jan Petersen. Starring, besides the band, are Roland “Echolotse” Wiegner and Kay Petersen.

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Milestones announce debut album ‘Red Lights’


Milestones don’t hide any ambition on their 2018 full-length debut, Red Lights. The Manchester, UK quartet indeed amplifies their signature pop punk palette with stadium-size hooks and airtight alternative songcraft. They committed literally everything to the new album. Holing up in producer Phil Gornell’s (Bring Me The Horizon, All Time …

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