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Learn more about Suicidal Tendencies’ upcoming EP!

Suicidal Tendencies

The new Suicidal Tendencies EP ‘Get Your Fight On!‘ will be released on March 9th 2018. In addition, pre orders will start from January 19th! This EP will be the second release for the band with Dave Lombardo on drums (Dead Cross, Slayer, Phantomas, GripInc). Ra Diaz on bass and Jeff Pogan …

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Russian punks The Riot Gang release new album!

The Riot Gang

Hailing from St. Petersburg, the Russian punkers The Riot Gang are back with a new album called “Ice Age”. The latter is indeed available via Marty Mcfly Records in Russia and Europe. It will only be released in the US in March 2018, this time through Asteroid M Records! You can now stream this new record …

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Acoustic pop-punk band Shrug. drops sophomore EP


Shrug. (Jacob Terry), combines a raw acoustic sound with his own brand of pop punk. The band’s debut EP ‘Tales Of Astronauts‘ is indeed available on digital platforms since March 2017. If you liked it, you guys will be happy to know that you now have new tracks to listen …

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Skeletal Remains – Album details “Devouring Mortality”

Californian death metal Skeletal Remains will release their forthcoming third studio album, entitled “Devouring Mortality”. This new album will release on April 13th, 2018 via Dark Descent Records in North America and Century Media Records for the rest of the world. Skeletal Remains formed as Anthropophagy back in 2011. They …

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Seattle-based post-punk band Deer Venom releases new single!

Deer Venom

Deer Venom is a Seattle-based post-punk band. Their sound is kinda poppy post-punk, with some darker new-wave elements (ala Joy Division, Banshees, etc.) and maybe with a bit of a glittery glam (T-Rex) edge sometimes. Deer Venom was founded by multi-instrumentalist Mario Barbetta in his basement in 2010.  Mario is …

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‘Earth Made Flesh’, the first album of Wyrmwoods is now available!


‘Earth Made Flesh‘, the first album of Finnish Black Metal band Wyrmwoods is available via Inverse Records since January 15th 2018. Wyrmwoods’ songs are a mix of aggressive atmospheric black metal and almost progressive ambient instrumental passages. It’s indeed including less typical metal instruments like the saxophone, all played by the solo member Nuurag-Vaarn. The …

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The Rocket releases new single “Chain Reaction”!

The Rocket

Synth driven pop punk outfit The Rocket aims to bring a refreshing take on the classics they all grew up with. With a keen ear for infectious melodies and an illustrious live reputation, the band has played big stages such as Groezrock, Europe’s biggest punk rock festival. After a break …

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Brighton bruisers FATHOMS hit the road… one last time!


Brighton bruisers FATHOMS have comprehensively toured throughout the world. The fivesome’s current and last album, Counter Culture, is now bursting from the seams. It indeed offers stocky NuMetal-esque riffs, rap crossovers, immense choruses, and contagious grooves. Their final video, Slip Away, was recently unveiled . Next month, the UK heavyweights …

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