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Healthy Junkies are back with single “No Control”!


UK punk/grunge rock band, HEALTHY JUNKIES is back with a new single and music video for “No Control”. The song is from their fourth album “Delirious Dream”, due out on October 12th via Banana Castle Records/Cargo Records UK. “No Control” indeed focuses on standing up for your rights. Not being …

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French rockers September Again reveal their “In Vitro” video!

September Again

September Again mixes trip-hop, stoner, post-rock, and electro essences to find a structure, a sense, a common vibration. And release them in a powerful and atmospheric epidermal rock music. The first album of the band, “Insomniac”, will finally be released on March 18, 2017. The band has also just released, …

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Australian rockers Tiersman welcome new band member!


TIERSMAN launched their debut release, “Big Trouble” on February 17th 2018. The band then began a hiatus to write new material in preparation for the release of their first full-length record. During the writing process it became evident that the musical direction and drive was at sorts with the members. …

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New Graves reveal their debut single, “Empty Lungs”!

New Graves

Brand new band NEW GRAVES are launching in style with their debut single “Empty Lungs”. You guys can indeed discover the music video below! Drummer Daryl Pryor explains: “New Graves is a dynamic statement of intent. And ‘Empty Lungs’ is the first single from a collection of songs focused on …

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Rockers Beggars reveal their video for “Book Of Days”!


Greek rockers, BEGGARS, have released their brand new official video for the song “Book Of Days”. The track is indeed from the band’s upcoming album “The Day I Lost My Head”. The latter will be out on August 10th, through ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records in Digipack CD and Black …

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Grunge rockers Radicals unveil debut single “Anxiety”!


RADICALS is a Grungy 4 piece from Sydney, Australia. They have burst out of the scene blazing with their debut single “Anxiety” to raving reviews. On this release, the band explains: “The track tackles mental health head on with very relatable lyrics. A back and forth battle inside the mind of …

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Breaky Boxes reveal their EP track by track guide!

Breaky Boxes

Breaky Boxes is an Indie folk band hailing from Rouen, France. Drawing inspiration from American and Irish folk culture, the band will finally release their first EP « From the Shelter » on March 28th 2018. On the occasion of the release of their first EP, the band reveals, for the …

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Pop rockers Like Satellites unveil “Muscle Memory”!

Like Satellites

Like Satellites is a Toronto based alternative pop rock band. The band consists of singer Leah Gillespie, bassist Logan Arsenault, Ryan Goodman on guitar and Alex Bullen playing drums. The band is currently streaming a brand new single, titled “Muscle Memory”. This is the first release since the band’s debut, …

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