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CD and vinyl pressing, tape duplication


Although digital music is more and more important, fans are always very keen to buy physical records. Vinyls are more popular than ever and CDs are now very affordable, allowing bands and labels to sell nice looking digipacks with booklet for a decent price. Whether you want to self release your band’s album or run a label, Distrolution is your next favorite partner regarding CD and vinyl pressing.

As we have a very large range of options, we can do anything from killer-looking gatefold splatter and colored vinyls to 3-panel digipacks. We can also do tapes and cassettes!

We now have a dedicated website so that bands and labels can order their merch, vinyls, CDs, goodies and stage stuff : https://www.distrolutionmerch.com

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We already pressed records for bands like Efyx, Trophy Jump, and many more!


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