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Chump talk about the Belgian punk rock scene and upcoming plans!

Valentine sat down with the punk rockers Chump to talk about the Belgian punk rock scene, as well as their upcoming plans for the next few months. Check out the full interview below!

Hello, Chump! Thanks for taking time to answer a couple of questions for us. As a start, would you mind introducing your band to our readers?

Hello Distrolution friends ! We’re Chump, melodic punkrock band from Liège, Belgium. Our band was active from ’99 to ’05. We did a 11 years break and we’re back together since summer ’16.

Since then, we have released an EP, an album and few singles, appear on several VA and did a shitload of tours and shows across Europe, Canada and US spreading 90’s melodic punkrock around!

How would you describe the Belgian punk rock scene from a global POV?

Belgian punkrock scene is a bit like our country: divided in two.

There’s the French speaking part and the Duch speaking part of the scene. To be honest, it’s much more easy for us to book some shows in France compare to the north part of our own country. This is really crazy ! We’re fully against that, it’s quite frustrating, so that’s why we’re always trying to go on tour with Flemish bands outside Belgium or trying to get them playing in our city. On the other side, we’re trying to get as much shows as possible in Flanders.

I see that you guys are playing a lot of shows. You indeed have a few shows left before the end of the year. Any pressure before going on stage? If yes, how do you manage it?

Yes we did 70+ shows in 2019! From time to time we’re feeling indeed a bit of pressure while doing a quick linecheck just before playing … but, to be honest, after few seconds of the first song of the set, this pression vanish and a lot of positive energy comes instead!

From all the shows you’ve played in your life, is there one that has really marked your minds? If yes, which one was it and why?

Many shows were crazy this year, on tour outside our country or in Belgium … but if we have to think about a recent one, I would say the show in our hometown, Liège, on August 14th 2019. We had the chance to play in a local bar (Warzone) where we’re always going on Friday (when not touring). It was really like playing in our living room with some friends (only few days after our Canada / USA tour). On top of that, we had the chance to have our dear friends of Guerilla Poubelle with us on the show line up.

The thing is that we never expected to have so many people coming over to the show! All went totally insane. The bar was fully packed, people were stage diving and crowd surfing on all songs. 3 days after this show we were still saying “Wow, what the f**k happen there, what a blast, best show ever !!”.

Do you guys already have some projects planned for the rest of the year and 2020? If yes, would you mind sharing them with our readers?

We’ve just released our new single “Alcohol And Painkillers” that goes along with a tour video on October 10th. Our Canadian label “People Of Punk Rock” will release on October 12th a VA, celebrating their first anniversary and our new song will be part it of course.

Of course, we’ll keep on touring Belgium, Luxembourg and France nearly every weekend up to the end of the year. On top of that we’re already working on our second UK tour for February 2020, then a 2 weeks tour across Eastern Europe for July 2020 … and we’re writing new songs for the next album (to be release next year). Pretty busy schedule right?

The last words are for you. If you have a message to convey, here’s your chance!

Thanks for giving us the chance to promote our band and our music via Distrolution. To all readers of this interview: SEE YOU AT ONE OF OUR SHOWS !! Support your local punkrock scene by going to your local concert bar and check bands on tour and local bands. And if you like melodic punkrock inspired by the 90’s, check us online through Facebook, YouTube, Spotify and so on !!

Keep on rocking Distrolution team !!

Thanks for your time!

Band picture by Maïté Brocha

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