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Death Goals – Death Goals

The first time I heard Death Goals was live at a gig in The Black Heart, Camden. Me and my mate there were immediately blown away and they quickly became one of my favourite bands in the scene so needless to say I was really excited for this EP.

Death Goals

Instantly I was pleasantly surprised by the studio polish on the EP that most bands in the DIY scene are seriously lacking. Their self-titled EP sounds amazing and has a really professional sounding recording that the songs deserve.

Harry’s vocals evoke pure desperation and his screams combined with the spazzy riffs and panic chords create a really intense atmosphere to the EP. Which is particularly impressive considering the band is just a two-piece. The drums are as tight as you can imagine and you can really tell that Harry and Will really gel together as musicians.

Another particularly impressive aspect of the EP is how multi-faceted it is. Death Goals manage to seemlessly transition from screaming “what the fuck did you do?” with pure agony into playing a sample from The Mighty Boosh, and I think this perfectly encapsulates the charm of the band. This is possibly my favourite release of the year so far. If you haven’t heard Death Goals yet, I suggest you check out their self-titled EP right now.

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