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Die Heart to release their new EP „Monument“!

On March 30th 2018 Die Heart will release their new EP „Monument“. „Nichts zählt – Alles Frei!“ („Nothing counts – everything free!“) boasts out of your sound- system. Crystal-clear vocals, accompanied by a top-notch dance-beat adding heavy guitars and melodic synthies.

Die Heart

The record will be released on March 30th 2018 and totally blurs the line between the 90’s NYC-hardcore, that we are used to hear by Die Heart, a well-balanced amount of Pop and a spirited pinch of Electro.

„Music evolves, in the environment and in our heads. You never write the same song twice – this would be too boring (laughs). We always try to oversee traditional limitations and to make everything our own, personal thing. Just the way it feels best.“

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