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Dreadful Hippies are set to release their album, “Rover”!

Dreadful Hippies consists of 4 band members all united by their love for Rock n’ Roll. With their various music experiences, they will take you for a powerful ride enabling you to let yourself go in a world where your deepest feelings can be revealed. Such as happiness, joy, determination, passion.

Dreadful Hippies

In simple words, the band offers you an exit to your casual boredom with its take-it-full-on-the-head music. And energetic sound of the mid 90s. And will be pleased to Rock you up durning their tour this year.

The band’s upcoming album, “Rover”, will be out on February 7th 2020 via Season of Mist. An opus bringing you to a rock sound of the 90’s with a touch of modernity, mixing high points of an intense and rousing rock. This album carries on the introspective trip of a human being who acknowleges his emotions through his life experiences and his environment.

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