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Put on a light on my way ( EP 2015 - Nerocromo records)
Our Way ( LP 2017 - Red B records)

ATK born in 2010 as a solo project. Musical influences : new wave, alternative rock, blues,psychedelic.
One of my first songs 'Funny game', was selected for the compilation 'Emerging Artists 2011' by the digital platform Zimbalam.
In april 2013 I joined other musicians for some concerts in Milan. Another song called 'Option' , was selected and broadcast on the national radio “Rai Radiouno”in 2015. In the same year I moved to Mallorca where I started writing new songs for the EP “Put on a light on my way”, and playing with local musicians.
On december 2017 we put out our first LP called ' Our Way '.

Band members:
Antonio Cicchetti (voice,guitars,keyboards)
Javier Rodriguez Amengual (drums)
Guillermo Sureda (electric guitar)
Paco Rossello (bass)

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