A Scar For The Wicked

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Vocals - Eric Forget
Vocals & Guitars - Adam Semler
Guitars - Joe Kenyeres
Bass - James Nopper
Drums - Nick Rodgers

Born in blood, screams and agony, Adam Semler was destined to a life of tortured creations. Son of a vile temptress, silenced brutally for her crime, he slowly learned that music was the only way he could express is rage to exist. To spread is hatred, is first reach to 2 dangerous brothers, both brilliant, charismatic and so fucking evil, Joe and Ryan Keyneres. Both giants, surrounded by an aura of strengh, brought to the project a dark powerful voice to be heard, and fingers of doom to torture with painful strings. It was 2010. Preparing for a blood ritual that would unite them forever, they were joined by James Nopper, freshly escape from a mental institute. A real psychopath, so mad and demential, a perfect add with his low waves of madness. 4 at this time, form recently to accomplish an evil duty, they thought that an extra voice would help their power grow within the rotting universe. Eric Forget was the perfect candidate. A young and twisted abnormal screaming entity, born to destroy the ears of the world with a single word. The ritual was almost complete. They only needed more rythm to succeed in awakening the necrobutchers. From the echo of the pain itself, raised Nick Rodgers, a real technician of doom.
After 2 previous release of waves of violence to test their message in the world, they had reach the perfect level to unleash their first pure machiavelian hymn to the dead, bringing into this world, The Necrobutcher.

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