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New York City’s A Very Special Episode has a unique and atmospheric soundscape, concocted from ethereal shoegaze melodies, blended with the grit and attitude of post-punk, and finished with the energy and intensity of pop hooks. Powerful yet intimate, their music digs into your core, enveloping and cathartic to swallow all of your worries of the modern age.

Originally formed in 2016, the band has undergone a number of line-up changes and worked to develop their sound, all consistently led with the dynamic and enthralling vocals of Kasey Heisler and melodic guitar-work of Patrick Porter. Much of the band’s debut 2017 release 'Censored Dreams' came together from home recordings, written over the course of several years. Pulling influences and inspiration from a variety of sources, the band cites television and sitcoms as a key influence to their identity. The band name, “A Very Special Episode” is trope for specific sitcom episodes that discuss heavy topics (relative to the content of network sitcoms). Embracing their modern roots, lyrical content is further inspired by the deluge of personal relationships, day jobs, and internet drama.

A Very Special Episode signed to Knuckle Down Records in April of 2018. They recently released their sophomore EP 'Cut for Time' on August 31, 2018. It was recorded by Brandon Bujnowski of If and Only If Productions.


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