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Demo’s Ep’s Full Albums

And May The Goat Lead Us  »DEMO » (2011) released in 2013
Lies Of The Priest  »EP »(2012)
Luciferium (2013)
Rehearsal (2013) Live Album
Rise Of The Pagans (2014)
I Walk In Solitude (2017)
Blackheart (2018)


Invokin Thy Demon (2014)
To Μανιφέστο των Ψυχών (2015)
Until The First Light Of The Dawn (2017)


Our Land In Bestial Flames Split With Darkehl (Greece) (2013)
Ghosts Of The Ancient Devils Split With Meseonas (Greece) (2015)
Cemetery Of Hopes Split With Donarhall (Germany) (2017)

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