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7Years band was born on September 2001 in Livorno, Italy. After a couple of months Matteo, Diego, Marco and Chico recorded their first self titled promo, 5 melodic hardcore songs with something more, and this work had many good reviews from the most important italian webzines. They started to play all around Italy, and even if it was really difficult to rise inside the alternative italian scene, 7Years became a well known name for many kids. They had a lot of shows with important italian bands like Seed’n’feed, Vanilla Sky and Beerbong and supported foreign and famous bands like SHELTER, LAGWAGON, UNDECLINABLE, TEN FOOT POLE, BELVEDERE, PULLEY, TED LEO & The Pharmacists, FURTHER SEEMS FOREVER and ZEBRAHEAD. A lot of compiltations, a split EP with their great friends Seed’n’feed in 2003, an European tour in Germany, Austria and Slovenia and then the new album “Shape without form”. With the support of Wynona Records staff those guys got in contact with Japanese label CR JAPAN/Disk UNION for a solid distribution of their new album in the country of rising sun. The album “Photograms” was realesed on February 2007, produced by 7Years, distribuited in Japan by Disk Union again. Since 2008 the band has a long break meanwhile played only a special gig with Joey Cape (Lagwagon). In June 2011 Marco left the band and 7Years started to write songs with the new guitarist Dario Cocchi. On 14th January 2014 they release the new album “Psychosomatic”, in Europe by Inconsapevole Records, in Japan by BellsOn Records. In the end of 2014 Giulio stands in for Dario as guitarist and 7Years will be on their first Japanese tour on March 2015 with the support of Romantic Nobita Records.

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