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2008 EP “W plecy nóż” (internet release)
2015 lp “Arshenic” (available in Poland only)
2016 EP “Erased” (available on Spotify and others)
2017 (February) single Monster
2017 (February) live audio – Madness
2018 (March) – Unspoken
new lp album to be released in 2019

The music of Arshenic is inspired by such trends as art rock, alternative metal, progressive rock, goth metal, melodic metal and dark rock.
The beginning
Arshenic was formed in 2007 in Poland, by the vocalist Oliwia Bartus-Staszak (Ofilia). The same year Arshenic recorded material for the first EP. After that the group played numerous concerts mostly around Poland, also on the International Young Talent Concert (Kappeln – Germany). In 2008 the previous drummer was replaced by Bartosz Staszak, and the band recorded another promotional album “Lilie”. After that, the guitarist Wlodek Czuba joined the band. Arshenic got on tour around Poland as a support for leading goth rock groups in their country. In 2011 band performed in Polish edition of TV music show the Must Be The Music, playing metal cover of Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi. In 2012-2014, the band was suspended. In 2015 after a few personal changes, Arshenic started to work on new material. At this time band self-released the re-edition of the album recorded in 2009, extended with additional songs (available in Poland only)
After worldwide digital release of EP in 2016, Arshenic started to work on material for new full length album. In February 2017, band released first single MONSTER. As part of the animal support activities, the band recorded a music video for that song in the animal shelter in Poland. Band organized few charity concerts gaining food for homeless animals. Next released in 2018 music video UNSPOKEN, tells a twisted story about spirituality.
Band Members
Oliwia Bartuś-Staszak „Ofilia” – vocal, lyrics, melody Włodzimierz Czuba „Vlad”– electric guitar Marek Turło – bass guitar Bartosz Staszak – drums
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