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As the seasons and years changed as well as several times of vacuum and personnel changes, finally the oldschool hardcore unit from Sukabumi who named himself 40 Below, successfully completed his first album in early 2020. The album titled 'Berjuang Bersama' contains 10 songs including a cover song from one of the 40 Below influence band, namely a song from the shutdown band entitled 'whats to come'. 'Berjuang Bersama' which means solid and teamwork in working towards a goal. Wrapped with a simple rhythm but with a fast tempo, is believed to give positive vibes to the listeners. The album was already free to circulate and released independently with the CD format. The process of recording the album was not necessarily only done by personin 40 Below, Some parties helped the success of this album, including for the process of taking guitar & bass recorded at Afriansyah's studio (Black Ramstein), then for taking the drum itself assisted by Broto (Cees Studio) and for Vocals by Wig (TR record sukabumi), also finishing cover is assisted by A Penyon printing studio. And until now the album 'Berjuamg Bersama' can only be enjoyed through physical releases that can be obtained by directly contacting the contact person 40 Below. In the next stage we are also preparing plans for this year such as the release of the album through a digital platform, official merchandise, and also a new single, a new touch, with a new meaning.

Formed in 1998, 40 Below became one of the bands that participated in stomping the hardcore music movement in Sukabumi at the time and carrying the oldschool hardcore genre by adopting music from several bands such as Shutdown, Spirit 84, Vitamin x, Reaching forward, No more fear etc. . With the band's initial position riding by Vidi on vocals, irman on guitar, kunk on bass, and adi on drums. The name 40 Below itself was taken from the title song of one of the hip metal bands, because of the uniqueness of the song, we agreed to adopt it as a band name. Appearing in several local and out of town events became the 40 below portfolio in the realm of extreme music, before finally vacuuming in 2004, due to the busy schedule of its personnel. 2 years later, 40 Below returned fangs, with several new faces including bass filled with kiebex and drum position filled with obets, and successfully released an EP titled 'Self Reflection' which contained 4 songs, and one of the songs made it into compilation. Sukabumi Eundeur. 3 years running 40 Below returned to vacuum, before finally returning to his tracks in 2016 with his current position occupied, TP on vocals, Irman on guitar, Imam on bass, and Ridwan on drums. With the release of their latest album in early 2020 titled 'Berjuang Bersama'.

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