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-Democracia? 1999 Self Released EP
-Una Vida Menos Ordinaria 2003 Tropical Punk Records LP
-Derechos No Privilegios The Box Records 2006 EP
-Esto Es Punk Rock! Self Release SPLIT
-La Perspectiva Es Relativa 2014 Self Release/United By Chaos (Cassette Format) LP
-Beyond Borders Morning Wood Records/Melodic Punk Style/ProRawk Records 2015 LP
-A Place To Call Home Morning Wood Records 2017 LP

69enfermos are a Melodic Hardcore/Skatepunk band based in Porto Alegre Brazil, originally formed in Colombia in 1995.
The band stands out for preserving the classic sound of the 90s Skatepunk.
69enfermos have performed in Eleven Countries in Southamerica and Europe, including 'Punk Rock Holiday 1.7 SL, Punkrock Weekender CZ, Pandemônium Fest HR, We Are One Tour 2016 PE, Vans Latinoamerican Punk Festival COL and have shared the stage with Lagwagon, Strung Out, Less Than Jake, Rufio, Satanic Surfers, Belvedere, A Wilhelm Scream, Mute, No Trigger, The Generators, 2minutos, among others.
The band is signed to European Label Morning Wood Records since 2015 which has released two albuns, 'Beyond Borders' in 2015 and 'A Place To Call Home' in 2017.
69enfermos will Tour Brazil with Italian Skatepunk Act Thousand Oaks in April and will perform in Uruguay and Argentina in September 2018.
Dalin Focazzio - Lyrics/Guitar, Wagner Donat - Bass/Lyrics, Carlos Waltrick - Drums

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