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Fall Flavored talk about their debut album and upcoming projects!

France has some cool hidden talents and Fall Flavored is one of them. The punk rockers dropped, back in February, their debut album “180” and have a lot of other things planned for the upcoming months!

Fall Flavored

Hello Fall Flavored, thanks for taking time to answer a few questions for Distrolution. Could you please tell us who’s in your band and about how your band first formed?

(Benji) We are a four pieces band composed by:

  • Yasmine on vocals and guitar
  • Benji on guitar
  • Pierre on bass and programming
  • Phil on drums

Fall Flavored started with just two friends (me and a friend) playing in a band near Lille, north of France. The band stopped but we still wanted to play some punk rock and we started a new band. We recruited a drummer (Phil) and a bassist (Pierre) a few times after. 2 years after the creation, the singer chose to leave the band and we have recruited Yasmine, our new front-women.

You guys have dropped, back in February 2018, a debut album titled “180”. Can you tell us more about this release? How would you describe the overall energy of this album?

(Yasmine) Eclectic… And coming from the guts I would say. We didn’t have any purpose, any plan for writing it. We just played the music we loved and it came like this. Even the title was found by chance (laugh). I think that, if we can feel such energy, it’s because we had to evolve a lot as musicians to create it. To become more technical, more serious. We had to go beyond what we could do, so the sound just exploded. This is the energy of progression.

It’s always hard to pick one song on a release, but from your personal point of views, which song is your favorite one on this album, and why?

(Yasmine) For me, I guess it would be… ‘Nonsense’ I guess. I especially love the bridge which, musically, provides so much feelings.

(Benji) I love ‘Character in a Role Play’. There’s everything I like in this song, catchy melody, a big solo, bass bridge and the voice on the chorus is so emotional.

You also recently released a debut music video for your song “Nonsense”. As this was your first video, how was the shooting experience?

(Yasmine) It was… inspiring and interesting, but also a bit deceiving, at least for me, can’t talk for the other! But yeah, it was my first experience, and I learned a lot. We experienced many things which were interesting. But because of the lack of time and means, we couldn’t do all the things we wanted, like a scenario. But I keep faith to see one day such a video in Fall Flavored’s creations !

(Benji) Haha, I have to admit that our first idea was too ambitious. But for me it’s not so deceiving because I don’t really like videos mixing a story and the band playing. I prefer either a video without story with just the band playing in a cool place like Sliver by Nirvana or Motivation by sum 41 or a story without the band playing.

I heard that you guys are currently working on new projects. What else can we expect from Fall Flavored within the next few months?

(Yasmine) Go check our tipee !! Everything’s on it and leave us a lot of money as you pass by ! (laugh). Seriously, we have an ambitious plan of recording a single every trimester until another 10 titles album at the end of 2019. We still have a lot to say, and a lot of ideas, so stay tuned.

Thanks for your time!

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