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Flight Of the Yellow Fox talk about their debut album!

Flight Of the Yellow Fox have unveiled their debut album, “WOOLGATHERING”, back in April 2019. The band is now here to talk about this debut release, as well as their upcoming plans!

Hello Flight of the Yellow Fox. For those who don’t know you yet, would you mind introducing your band to our readers? Flight of the Yellow Fox is an alternative rock band based in The Netherlands, whose members are Jeff (guitar/voice), Giorgio (drum) and Ant (bass). We (Jeff and Gio) met two years ago while playing together in another band and finally ended-up making our own music and producing our album “Woolgathering”. Ant joined the band at the beginning of 2019.

How would you describe your overall sound? Our style of music and sound would find its roots in hard rock and grunge. We create a hard rock sound powered with guitars riffs and hammering beats.

Your album “Woolgathering” is out since April 2019. How long have you worked on this release? We started recording materials in February 2018 and finished the recording of the album in October of the same year, the acoustic song of the album being recorded apart. Then it took us a couple of months for the mixing and mastering. And we got the album ready around February 2019. We finally released it in April 2019.

I’m sure you have at least one funny story from your recording sessions to share with us! Songs were recorded live with drums and guitar, with the bass being tracked afterwards. We were using a click for consistency but did not want to program the different parts in Pro Tools. We asked the recording engineer to pilot it live while we were playing the song which sometimes ended up in situations where we were playing the slow parts with a faster BPM.

So we had all the time to get the attention of the recording engineer who was also obviously busy with other stuff during recording. You can of course not whistle when you record and we had to make any kind of signs so that he would stop the click during the slower parts. That is funny now but it also drove us crazy at the time…

You’ve also unveiled, last month, a music video for your single “Whisper”. How was the shooting experience? The shooting experience was very nice and at the same time a bit stressful because we had a single day to make it. This was our first music video and acting or being natural in front of the camera is not that easy. And it took us a couple of takes to be ourselves. But the place, the atmosphere, and the people around us were very nice. So we are very happy and satisfied with the experience and the final result.

The last words are for you. If you have a message to convey, here’s your chance! If you are going to make your own music and finally make it an album, passion has to be your first driver, otherwise you won’t go far. We have worked hard to produce this EP and as an independent band have done mainly things ourselves apart from mixing and mastering the album. We hope that it will find its way and give us the possibility to play as many gigs as possible and that people will like it. We thank you, Distrolution, for giving us more visibility!

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