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French rockers Telegraph talk about their latest projects!

We’re back this week with a brand new interview. Learn more about the French indie rockers Telegraph, as well as their latest projects below!


Hello Telegraph, thanks for taking time to answer a few questions for Distrolution! Could you please, as a start, list all your band members, as well as their roles in the band? Hello Valentine! It’s a pleasure to answer your questions. Here is a small introduction of the band:

Julien Humez: Guitar, Lead vocals
Matthieu Humez: Guitar, backing vocals
Maxime Fornareso: Drums, keys, backing vocals

Usual question but… where does the name of your band come from? Ahah, we will break the mystery just for you! When we started the band we spent many days and nights composing our first songs in a recording studio in the 19th district in Paris. And the rendez-vous point for the band was the “Télégraphe” metro station. It was our HQ for some times and we see it as our starting point as a band. The telegraph is also one of the first means of communication. And we liked the idea of sharing words in the simplest way. For us, writing songs is like some kind of telegraph. A way of saying simple things in a modern and complex world.

What bands are currently inspiring the music that you’re making? That’s a hard one! Three members means different inspirations. But like we said before, we like to share things so we often listen to music together and we go to concert together. We even made a playlist on Spotify so our fans can listen to some band that we like as Needtobreathe, Kings of Leon, Imagine Dragons, Mumford and Sons…

You guys had the incredible chance to enter the Sziget Festival contest in order to represent France on stage. You even made it to the final. Even if you have not won, it is already, from my point of view, a great achievement. With hindsight, how did you experience this contest? We knew you will ask about this J It was a very good experience and very unexpected because many artists were on this contest. We had the chance to play at the final and it was already a victory for us. We cannot tell that we are not disappointed about the issue. But the people showed us support and love more than ever, so we already forgot the defeat. This contest helped us to create more proximity with our fans. And they gave us more reason to make music every day so thanks to them.

I’m pretty sure that entering this type of contest and going this far is going to help you in the near future. Do you guys already have some big plans for the rest of the year? Feels like you want to know some secrets here! Ahah we will try to give you some 😉 It’s almost summer and we want to take the road, so we will try to play as many shows as we can. Meet people, write songs and not shave for a while… Then, we will go back in studio to record a few songs. Shoot some videos and continue to tell our story! We can see that more people are joining the adventure every day. And they are excited about what will happen next, so are we!

You released back in April a music video for your single ‘Broken Bones’. How was the shooting experience? Incredible!! It was an amazing experience with the crew. We spend a weekend in the Vosges Mountains shooting days and nights with very talented people. Everyone did a great job even when it felt like we were lost in the middle of nowhere. We had many encounters but we always find a solution together as a team.

This is what ‘Broken Bones’ is about, even in the worst situation you can stand up and go forward. For example we almost crashed the yellow car that you can see in the video. It was dark and there was snow on the road, the driver tried to turn back. And he didn’t saw a ravine on the edge so we got two wheels bogged down. All the crew came to push the car out of the ravine. It was hard but we finally did it so we could start shooting again. There is a lot to tell about this video…

Last but not least. Tell us one random fun fact about each band member of the band. Ahah, who told you we were funny guys?

Matthieu is a big fan of Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande but he doesn’t want Julien to know.

Maxime prefers to play guitar but he is afraid that Matthieu tries to play drums so he keep playing drums.

Julien cut Maxime’s hair just before the shooting of Run With Wolves and Broken Bones videos and he didn’t do it before in his life and Matthieu doesn’t believe it.

Julien, Maxime, Matthieu

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