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Get to know the French hard rock band, Skahinall!

Hey guys! This week, I’m back with a new interview, introducing you this time to the French band Skahinall. Learn more about their latest single and video “Nostalgia”, as well as the French hard rock scene!


Hello, Skahinall! Thanks for your time! For those who don’t know you yet, would you mind introducing your band to our readers?

At first, thanks for support! To make it short, Skahinall is more an art project than a music band. We are collective of artists in several arts: music, literature, drawing, and video. All our artistic expressions are at the service of the concept and serve us to tell the story of our character « Skah ». We want that each album describes the past lifes of this character by these various artistic expressions. And the first one is the album (and novel) “The West in Hell”.

What’s the story behind your band’s name?

That’s so easy, as said before, we put Skah everywhere, so Skah-in-all. The name was immediately validated because absolutely nothing was referenced to this name on the Web, so easily identifiable. We think it sounds great (and Skah loves it! lol)

How would you describe the French hard rock scene, in general?

It’s sad but hard rock and metal music are not the iconic music in France and it is difficult to make a place and export your songs or your name . Yet, many local bands deserve to be interested in them, unfortunately the festivals and others are rare and it is difficult to get out the French public.

However, we have bigs organisations that the whole world envy us, like the “Hellfest”. But beware, the French scene is not dead and you can make very beautiful discoveries! To overcome this problem of context, many bands do not hesitate to try new things. It gives results like “Gojira” for example, a pure nugget « made in France »!

You have recently released a video for your song “Nostalgia”. Would you mind telling us more about this single?

If we can say something about this title, it’s the first melody that Mike (our artistic director and co-founder of the project) composed. He had this sound in head since he was 12 years old. This is the song that initiated the collaboration of Adrien (co-founder) and Mike, “Nostalgia” has, for us, a great sentimental value in this first album.

How was the shooting experience? Any funny story to share with us?

The shooting was done in a 13th century chapel in the city of Mulhouse. The problem was that we shot this music video in January and without heating. We were forbidden to heat the chapel because it is a historical monument, so… it was cold… very cold… !!! (laughs). We had to turn with light clothes, especially the monks (we take the opportunity to thank them). This shoot was the opposite of the first video “Skah’s Limbo” which was terribly hot! It was difficult, but we did it, it gave us beautiful videos and we are very satisfied of the result.

This song is off of your album, “The West In Hell”. Tell us one thing no one else knows about this record.

Very good question! But difficult to answer. We took some time to find one. The only mystery we have is that the album should have taken the name of another song from the album because of the story of the novel. The title was to be “From Life to Death” in connection with the song of the same name. But Skah suggested the title “The West in Hell”, which became obvious to all members of the project.
Promise us that it will stay between us… (laughs)

The last words are for you. If you have a message to convey, here’s your chance!

We would like to thank you again and we invite all readers to discover us. You can: listen to music on all streaming sites (spotify, apple music, deezer, etc …), read our novel (available on our website www.skahinall.com). Watch our music videos and subscribe to our Youtube channel (Skahinall), follow us on Facebook and Instagram (Skahinall)!
We can tell you that we are already working on the 2nd album…
Thank you and see you soon!

Credits: North Sebastien Live Photography

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