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Get to know the US rockers I Fight Fail!

I Fight Fail have been on a musical evolution since 2014. The rock band, from Canton, Ohio, consists of vocalist Andy Potter, drummer Anthony Carter and guitarist Daryl Johnson. Now, the band is here to give you an insight into their latest releases. Check out their answers below!

I Fight Fail

People describe you as a space rock band. Did your sound change a lot since you started the band? When we first started I Fight Fail we never really intended to have a “space rock” sound  it was something that just kind of adapted overtime. We have always wanted to convey intense emotion and passion through our music. I guess that’s just how people saw it because of the imagery we have used. As we continue to grow I’m sure our style will change that’s just apart of being an artist. We love so many different styles of music, why would we want to stay the same.

Can you tell us something about your band name? Our band name is really like a motto or mantra. I Fight Fail is about getting back up when you get knocked down over and over again. Whatever trials and tribulations you may have going on in your life, it doesn’t depict or define you as a person. It’s something that we try to apply to our personal lives daily and also share with our fans. It’s all about positivity! 

Your musical orientation kind of places you right in between the underground and mainstream pop music. Do you prefer playing smaller underground venues or large festivals (like Warped Tour)? We love to just play it doesn’t matter if you have us on a big or little stage. We just love sharing our music. Everyone loves to play to the big crowds and it’s great! But sometimes you get those certain small intimate shows and end up getting the same high maybe even better. It reminds you why you do what you do.

You released your latest single “Silhouettes” earlier this year. Will it be included on some future release that you’re working on? When can we expect one? Silhouettes was a single we just really liked and wanted to release . We didn’t think about adding it to a album or EP, but you never know. When we wrote that song we were really going for a pop radio song. We love mainstream music and underground music so we like to mix it up to keep it interesting. At the moment we are writing new songs and getting them ready for the studio. It’s been a process to say the least, we are experimenting with a lot of new sounds and styles. We should be releasing new music in the beginning of the year!

It’s been two years since you’ve released “Voyages and Vantage Points” on Standby Records. What are your feelings towards the album today? What were your main goals as a band after that album was released? We love Voyages & Vantage Points! It is something that we are proud of and it taught us a lot about ourselves personally and musically. We wrote the album prior to getting signed so when we finished it our main goal was to tour, tour, and tour, which we did! We also wanted to have our album and videos in magazines and stores.

With the help of our manager we did a lot of things we never thought we would. From playing festivals with MGK to being featured in Journeys shoe stores nationwide and also being signed for our first time. There’s so many more things as well! It was honestly all just a blessing to be able to experience it.  

Have you ever played in Europe? Which cities/countries would you like to visit? Unfortunately we have not played Europe yet. It’s always been a dream to travel the world and experience all of its culture. So cool places to go visit would definitely be Paris, Germany, Iceland and definitely Amsterdam!

Tell us something about your future plans! Our plans for the future consist of world domination! Haha, but you can expect new music, videos, and a lot of touring. We are really excited for the new year and can’t wait to get back out there and do what we do best. 

Thanks for your time!

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