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Hide Your Mother talk about latest single, “Attention Needed”

UK rockers Hide Your Mother have recently unveiled a new single, titled “Attention Needed”. Check out what the guys had to say about this release in our new interview! 🙂

Hide Your Mother

Hello Hide Your Mother, thanks for your time. Would it be possible to introduce your band to our readers, as well as your roles in it?

Hi! Thank you Valentine for this interview. We are Hide Your Mother, a four piece rock band formed in 2018 and based in London, Uk. We all come from Italy: Rossano Gabrielli on vocals, Alfredo Marullo on guitar, Emanuele Nazzaro on bass and production. And Francesco Lucidi on drums.

How would you describe the UK rock scene from your own POV?

We believe the rock scene is going through a difficult moment everywhere and although the music business is definitely in London, this can be a tough city to emerge. Being a new band and having spent most of the time in the studio producing songs. We didn’t have so many chances to experience the rock scene around UK, but we got great feedback from Manchester, Bristol and Brighton for example.

We surely know it is full of rock bands out there, we personally know few of them. What we, as musicians, need is a growing fan base and an active music scene made of live music clubs and people willing to go out, discovering new bands. And this is easier to find in smaller realities sometimes.

You’ve recently unveiled a new single, titled “Attention Needed”. What’s the story behind this song?

This song was written by our singer Rossano and guitarist Alfredo a couple of years ago and it’s about politics, social control. As well as mass distraction and the “like” addiction. It was only after meeting our bass player and producer Emanuele that we were able to give the song its modern and unique sound. Our main goal was to mix catchy rock riffs and powerful vocals with a solid groovy rhythmic section, influenced by the funk and electronic music production. This is still our guideline for our future releases.

This single comes along with an animated video. What pushed you to release an animated video rather than a music video featuring the whole band?

It’s definitely the lyrics. We wanted to create something fresh and original, visuals that could take the song to another level and catch the viewer’s attention (needed) through the story. We are lucky to know an incredibly talented graphic called Mattia Ammirati who designed and created the whole video. We highly recommend this guy!

How’s your usual writing process for your songs?

It normally starts with our guitarist’s ideas, whether they are riffs or chords. Then our singer creates a vocal melody and lyrics so to have an initial song structure. We then go to our rehearsal room to elaborate the bass and drums parts and the final length. After that we record and produce the song, adding synth and electronic elements to reach that sound we talked about earlier in the interview.

The last words are for you. If you have any other projects in the making, here’s your chance to talk about it!

Great! We’re currently working on our first EP to be released in April, with our fourth single called ‘Harmless’, following Go (2018), Troublemaker (2019) and Attention Needed (2019). You can see us live on the 6th of March at The Fiddler’s Elbow in London for Camden Rocks Festival and on the 25Th of March at Nambucca, London, supporting our good friends Geomagnetist. We hope to see you there and always remember to SUPPORT NEW MUSIC!

Thanks for your time!

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