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‘I’m Sorry Indy’ is the second single from Melisandre’s Beaver since 2018!

I’m Sorry Indy” is the second single from Melisandre’s Beaver since the release of their debut album in 2018. Having had James Nesbitt join the band on drums in December 2018, the band took some time off to write and record. And begin what they are calling Beaver 2.0. “Brother”, the first single, was the start. “Indy” is the main course.

Melisandre's Beaver - Artwork

The song itself is intended as a simple, fun melodic punk song about the painfully bad film that is Indiana Jones – The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Indiana Jones is an absolute classic hero of film, but this film is not that. Melisandre’s Beaver love nothing more than writing songs about the things they love, and don’t love, and this is the latter. Although you could say it’s so bad it’s good…..

The song lyrics are essentially a review of the film, full of Easter eggs about the ‘plot’. The band believe it’s their best single yet, hopefully you agree. Harmonies galore, easy listening, clever lyrics, guitar hooks, just a fun light hearted, tuneful song… With a few too many swear words for the BBC to like it.

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