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Among Wolves discuss debut single and upcoming plans!

I’m back with a brand new interview, introducing you this time to the rock / metal project Among Wolves, led by Quentin. We talked, among other things, about his debut single “All Saints” as well as his upcoming plans!

Among Wolves

Hello Among Wolves, thanks for your time. Would it be please possible to introduce your band to our readers?

Hi Valentine! First of all, thank you for the interview… and yes, of course!

Among Wolves is the result of spending many years with many bands playing bass guitar or drums mostly… After all those years, it was time for me to find MY way of doing music. Music has always been a passion to me and to share it properly, I think this all about finding the right guys, with the same goal, the same commitment, the same vision of friendship and music and of course concessions… I found those a few times, but at some point, I always become unsatisfied with one of the things I just named.

So, I decided to write my own songs, record them and in order to do that the way I see things (It has to sound pro) I had to work a lot on my guitar and vocal skills (which I’m still doing ^^).

Yes, you got it, at the time, Among Wolves is just one guy! But once my songs are out there, I will look for dudes that fit in Among Wolves and love his diversity… and hopefully make it a great family!

How would you describe the Belgian post hardcore / metal scene?

Like Belgium… small but intense 😀 You could say that the genre isn’t popular anywhere but in Belgium, it really isn’t. Sadly, rare are the band that last more than a couple of years. We do have a lot of festivals with this particular scene but barely field with Belgian bands.

You have recently dropped a lyric video for your single “All Saints”. What’s the story behind this song and where did you find your overall inspiration?

Wow! This is quite intense… when I love, I love deep! And to get me in place where I’m really mad at you, you have to push hard. I’m no rancorous, so I forgive almost instantly… This song is about relationship, a fight that was killing me. Something like: “Tell me if it’s a dead end, so I can begin my grief because this pain is killing me!”

“All Saints” is a way to say, “We all do mistakes, but we are all capable of great love, we are all bad and all good at the same time, it’s just about what you choose to be” and has an optimist I like to think that we are all saints. The fire represents the energy, the love between two people… it can be so warm, but it can hurt so bad.

This was your debut single. Were you satisfied by the feedback you got from both your fans and the media?

Yes and no, it was important for me to finish and release the song… It has to get out of my chest. So, I can move on to other songs. “All Saints” doesn’t fully represent the sound of Among Wolves. This song is an intense and melancholic journey with a slow tempo… for some media as a first single, it was too long, too depressive or too slow… I agree with that, for me it was also a good song to say, “Among Wolves can be soft, dark, emo, loud, and intense”. The single will be released in the second half of June.

You’re currently working on a second single. Can we talk about it? Any details you can already unveil?

Yes, I can give you the name “We Are One”! It is faster, louder, darker but also brighter than “All Saints”. You’ll get another face of Among Wolves.

This next single is about the crisis that we are all experiencing. Like many people I need to be around my family, my friends, I need to share, to travel, to taste…

This virus kills people but also kills relationships. Today, it’s like the world is cut in two; the afraid ones who want to live in an ultra-secure world. And then, those who need to live their lives no matter what because they are also dying if they aren’t. For me, this cleavage comes from a bad and terrifying gestion from our government and the song is about hope in this unseen crisis.

Would you mind describing your usual writing process?

Most of the times, I just go to my home studio, grab my guitar and something comes up, then I record a drum pattern, and if this is a good day, the entire can be done within a few ours. Sometimes, I’m “hearing” a melody that I instantly record on my phone. Sometimes, I hear a sentence, a quote that inspire me.

The last words are for you. If you have a message to convey, here’s your chance!

Among Wolves is just the beginning of a journey that will only end when I do. I can’t wait to grow the band up, I can’t wait to be on stage again and share this music the fans… I have so much to show, so much to share.
Thank you so much for the interview!
Take care!

Thanks for your time!

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