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A Night Like This (post hardcore) talk about their latest releases!

I got the chance to recently interview the Welsh post hardcore quartet A Night Like This. Learn more about the band’s music video for “Throne” and debut EP “Between Hell & Home” below!

A Night Like This

Hello, A Night Like This, thanks for taking time to answer a few questions for Distrolution! Could you please, as a start, list all your band members, as well as their roles in the band?

Dom hoven – vocals
Josef Lovett – bass guitar/ backing vocals
Dan Philips – guitar / backing vocals
Dan o’Brian – guitar
Ronan samolinski – drums

You have recently revealed your music video for “Throne”. Can you tell us more about this song? What’s the story behind it?

The songs about not conforming to the ways of society, being your own person and getting up when you are down.

The single was recorded, mixed and co-produced by Michael Paget of Bullet For My Valentine and Drew Hamley (Unit 15 Productions). How was it, working with them?

The whole experience was amazing, working with some one with such a wealth of knowledge helped us extract the best from the song.

Focusing on the video itself: How was the shooting experience? Any funny story to share with our readers?

We worked with drew again for the video as he knew the feel that we were going for as he also helped record the song. To be honest any time all of us are together is filled with laughter, we probably shouldn’t be aloud to be a band if we are honest.

You also relesaed your debut EP “Between Hell & Home”, earlier in 2018. Would it mind introducing this release? For those who haven’t heard it, what kind of songs can we expect?

Between hell and home was written over the space between starting the band and probably around November 2017 when our guitarist dan o’brain joined us full time. The songs touch on mental health, which is and always will be a theme close to all our hearts.

It’s always hard to pick one song on a release, but from your personal point of views, which song is your favorite one on this EP, and why?

Dear ….. with love, was the last song that came together for the EP. A song that Dom has originally written for his acoustic project. We though it would be the perfect way to end what was a very hard hitting and heavy EP. The title track Between hell and home means alot as it was the first full song that we wrote from scratch when dan joined the band.

Are you happy with the feedback you received so far from both your fans and the media?

We are happy with anything. We have days where we wish the songs got more notices but we also understand that things take time. And we hold any support close to our hearts

The last words are for you. If you have a message for your fans, here’s your chance!

2019 is looking to be a big year for us as a band, with new music, more shows and a lot of other things we can’t talk about just yet. Our next EP is looking to be the best work that we have ever done. And with the team we are working with it’s looking to be a very interesting year for us as a band.

Thanks for your time!

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