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FHORCE unveil their journey from “Struggle” to “Merciless Kill”

From the release of their debut single “Struggle” to their debut EP “Merciless Kill”, discover FHORCE‘s journey through this new written interview!

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Hello FHORCE. Let’s start this written interview by introducing your band to our readers!

Hi! We are FHORCE, a really new Bordeaux’s hardcore band. Our quintet comes with a wealth of musical experience. Fueled by passion and determination, we are enthusiastic about displaying our music on stage and online.

Your band went through some lineup changes before settling on its current composition in October 2022. Could you share more about the evolution of your lineup and how it has influenced your sound?

Louis: The change in line-up hasn’t affected FHORCE’s sound since all the tracks are composed by Louis SEGUIN from Bordeaux. Due to various personal reasons, the previous line-up couldn’t contribute significantly to the compositions. That’s why we entirely revamped our line-up to achieve the current composition.

Your debut EP, “Merciless Kill”, was released on July 21st 2023. Can you dig into the themes and inspirations behind the songs on the EP?

Chris: The three tracks on our EP “Merciless Kill” aren’t just songs; they reflect the internal battles many of us face. Each track tackles a different aspect of the psychological torment caused by life’s challenges. For instance, “Struggle” talk about men’s depression, capturing the raw emotions and isolation that can come with it.

”Merciless Kill” is also talking about some psychological torment but.. really deepest.. really dark.. Our inspiration for these songs comes from real testimonies, personal stories, and a deep observation of today’s society. We wanted to create a body of work that resonates with its listeners, providing both a sense of understanding and an escape through music.

Please share some insights into how your personal experiences influenced the songwriting process and the depth of your music/lyrics for this EP.

Chris: It’s unfortunate that life isn’t as simple as it could be, and it’s made up of challenges, happy moments, and complicated moments. We all have our own journeys, and we’ve all encountered dark times. Whether it’s a simple relationship or a romantic relationship, work, family, or money. Life can be difficult.

With FHORCE, we try to approach these subjects, sometimes in a rather extreme way, but always with the will to tell the people who listen to us that they are not alone, that we have also struggled but together, accompanied, we can always get out.

Your music gained recognition through Spotify playlists like “All New Metal” and “Bleu Blanc Rage!”. How do you think it has impacted your fanbase? Do you think it actually increased your visibility?

Louis: We’re really happy to have been featured on Spotify playlists like “All New Metal” and “Bleu Blanc Rage!”. This was a big deal for us. When we began, we didn’t have many fans. These playlists helped more people hear our music. Because of this, more people now know about our band. Even without the playlists, we’re getting more listens every month, which is great for a new band like us.

With the release of “Merciless Kill” and the positive response it has received so far, what can your fans expect in terms of future musical directions?

Louis: They can expect us to push our boundaries even further in our upcoming work. They can look forward to more intensity, more groove, sharper riffs and a greater impact. We are actually ending our second EP and already have some ideas for the third EP. And everything is getting really really stronger… In short, our fans can anticipate a musical evolution but we are staying true to the core of FHORCE.

Last but not least, you have ambitious plans for the short term, including the release of a second EP before the end of 2023. How will this upcoming release differ from your debut EP?

Louis: The release of our first EP, “Merciless Kill”, was a defining moment for FHORCE. It gave us a deep insight into everything related to making music and how we present our work to the world. With this experience under our belt, we refined our composition process, venturing into new techniques and sounds. At the same time, in terms of marketing and promotion, we realized the importance of having a strong strategy to reach both our current and potential fans. Building on these lessons, the second EP promises to be a more refined expression of our artistic vision while continuing to deliver top-tier content to our fans.

Thanks for your time!

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