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Landless talk about their upcoming EP, ‘Moonflower’!

Here we go! My first interview with a band hailing from Slovakia. How cool is that? Landless were kind enough to answer a couple of questions for us. Check out what we talked about below 🙂


Hello, Landless! Thanks for your time! Would you mind introducing your band to our readers?

How are you doing Valentine? We’re landless and we have been here since 2014. By putting our heads together, we would say we play metalcore/post-hardcore, if anybody asked.

How’s the post hardcore scene in Slovakia?

To be 100% honest with you, it’s not what we’d like to see. It has been going downhill in the last few years. We wish there would be more bands just crushing the stages. Maybe that is coming soon. That would bring a lot of light to music in Slovakia.

You recently announced the release of your upcoming EP, ‘Moonflower’, set for release on May 24th, 2019 via Famined Records. We can of songs can we expect on this release?

You can expect everything you ever hoped for. Our upcoming EP is for sure more energizing than anything we’ve put out before, but you’ll also enjoy our stripped back acoustic vibe. The atmosphere throughout is a mix of emotions, we hope the listener comes out of the EP feeling enlivened and vivacious.

How did you approach the writing process for this EP?

We did it pretty much the same way as with Bluemist years ago. Writing everything down, thinking what words would fit the best, where it should be and so on. One could not imagine how many ideas you get when listening to your own riffs, vibes etc.

You also revealed a music video for your single “Blooming Mind”, taken from your upcoming EP. Would you say this might be the song that best reflects the overall spirit of ‘Moonflower’?

Absolutely. We had that feeling from the start. It connects what we said in the previous question and what ‘Moonflower’ is all about in the first place. That means, “Blooming Mind” is combination of energy, melody and some bad-ass riffs.

How was the shooting experience? Any funny stories to share with us?

This was just our third music video, but this was the best so far for sure. When you watch the video, it does not appear at all that it was hot as hell. I mean really, like 100 degrees at 2pm is no fun. Anyway, not complaining at all, just giving you facts and given the fact we did not have a sip of water….well, shall I continue, haha? On the other hand, the place itself was awesome – dusty, windy, open space, no people around. You could not find a better one for shooting.

Last but not least, would you mind sharing with us your upcoming projects for the rest of the year? Thanks for your time!

There is one and one only. To be able to give you everything we have by playing a SK/CZ tour in May/June. Not even mentioning how happy we are to support Our Last Night and Kingdom of Giants (both US) on their tours early in July. Only after that we should be able to focus on making new material for you guys.

Thank you for your time!

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